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Corsair HS1 USB Gaming Headset Review

Price: $99.99


Corsair is no new kid on the block having been around since 1994 and eventually becoming one of the largest suppliers of quality computer memory. Up until a few years ago however, RAM was all they sold. Since then, Corsair has successfully branched out into some of the more popular markets for computer hardware including but not limited to: power supplies; cases; and more recently, SSDs. Today, Corsair is looking to branch out yet again. This time it will be into the gaming headset market with their HS1.

Gaming headsets are all-in-one solutions that offer a pair of headphones, a microphone and in the case of USB headsets such as the HS1, the ability to be used on any computer that has at least one USB port. They are targeted toward competitive gamers and as such need to excel at comfort, durability, sound quality and ease of use. In addition, they must have a quality microphone. The large amount of junk headsets on the market should be a sign that this is no easy task. Today, I'll be testing Corsair's HS1 to see if it's up to the challenge.


Closer Look:

The Corsair HS1 comes in a conservatively coloured and styled box. In front, the product's name takes up the most space and the right side has been partially cut out and replaced with a plastic window that gives a partial glimpse of the headset. Turn the box 90° to the right and you can read up on the technical specifications of the HS1 in your choice of six languages. On the back of the box, also in your choice of six languages, Corsair sells the headset. Corsair claims that the 50mm drivers offer 'quality, clarity and depth', 'movie audio comes alive' and that the closed-back ear cups keep you in the zone and the absorbent ear pads offer 'hours of fatigue free listening'. Corsair goes on to state that the in-line volume control is easy to get hold of because of it's extra large size and finally, that the Dolby Headphone technology will essentially blow your mind. I'll see about all that.










Once out of the box, the rest of the headset is revealed and the internal packaging is shown to be roughly shaped cardboard. On the back of the packaging, a small depression holds a black information packet. Purchase the HS1 and this is what you get: the HS1; a driver disc; a quick start guide; a white sheet stating that your antivirus may see Corsair's drivers as a virus; and an attention grabbing red sheet warning you not to return the HS1 to the store if it is defective and to instead use Corsair's RMA service (which is so much less convenient than driving to the store and simply replacing it).



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  2. Closer Look: Continued
  3. Specifications & Features
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