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Corsair H70 Review



The good news is that the Corsair H70 is a hell of an improvement over the H50. This is not just a re-skin with a larger radiator. The whole assembly has been rethought in partnership with Asetek to deliver cooling performance on par with and better than most of the high-end after market cooling solutions available today. You get a larger radiator for more cooling "capacity", you get not one but two fans for use in a push-pull configuration and a new pump/waterblock assembly that combine to get within striking distance of the NH-D14. In both the stock and overclocked testing, the H70 delivered results that were better than the H50 and both the entries from CoolIT, the ECO and the Vantage. When the screws were ratcheted up even higher than our baseline testing, the H70 delivered temperatures that were reasonable. What I mean by reasonable is that the overclocked numbers are close to what the stock Intel cooling solution delivers at full load at stock speeds (in this case, right around 70 degrees Celsius). Hey, if the stock cooler keeps the CPU at that temperature at full load stock CPU speeds and voltages, then running almost 1.5Ghz faster at the same temperature can't be all bad now can it?

With both fans running full speed ahead, the noise generated is not what could be considered loud. Of course my interpretation of loud may be clouded by the years of over-the-top loud cars and stereos. But putting it in perspective for me it is that it is not as noisy as the case fans used in the test case or the fans on the video card. Using the fans with the included low speed connector to drop the fan speed to 1600 RPM allows the fans noise signature to be further reduced. Just like most high end cooling solutions, the H70 is compatible with all of the current AMD and Intel sockets. This means pretty much any and all current systems can take advantage of this cooling option from a lowly four core up to the latest six core CPU's. The low profile pump assembly is both flexible in its installation orientation and easy to install. The low profile pump design allows the use of pretty much any aftermarket memory modules in your system because it does not hang over the DIMM slots. If you want the latest in super tall memory modules then go for it, the H70 won't be the reason you can't use them. The H50 was limited in how the pump assembly could be oriented and could cause some clearance issues in smaller form factor cases due to the way the lines exited the pump. Corsair and Asetek have resolved the problem on the H70 by making the line set swivel where it enters and exits the pump head.

If you look at the current price point, the Corsair H70 is offered at a point reasonably close to what a good high end air-cooling solution goes for (once you add in the cost of a pair of decent fans). For instance, a Thermalright TRUE goes in the neighborhood of $60.00 and once you add in two high CFM fans at 15 bucks apiece, you get to 90 dollars really quick. On the other hand, the Noctua NH-U12P SE2 can be had for about $75. It's just that when the screws and voltages get turned up that the two fall off and give you the NH-D14 as the true comparison again at 90 bucks. Pricing is on the higher end of the spectrum but capacity does come with a price tag. That tag is higher than a high-end air cooling solution but lower than a budget entry into custom water cooling.

All things considered the Corsair H70 is a product that hits the mark. It delivers excellent low-noise cooling in a maintenance free package for those who want to explore liquid cooling without the fears of having to build a custom setup.



  • Improvement over the H50
  • Excellent cooling
  • Socket compatibility
  • Low profile pump
  • Flexible pump inputs
  • Dual fans
  • Preassembled
  • Pre filled
  • Low Noise
  • Pricing



  • Pricing
  • Use of Disimilar metals
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