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Corsair H70 Review

Price: $109


A cooling solution that brings temperatures down on your high-dollar CPU is a good thing! We all know that the stock CPU cooling solutions as supplied by the manufacturers are what could be called adequate (at best). Most people have no inkling of the high temperatures delivered by the stock cooling solution in that cramped OEM-style case (with just a single exhaust fan to remove the harmful heat from your case). For the vast majority of computer owners, the CPU toils away under all that added heat until one day the inevitable happens. The computer just won't work. That of course will not do for anyone and especially will not do for the enthusiast who is looking for longer life and cooler operating temperatures. You can always go big with some of the massive air cooling solutions but, moderate the size, scope and costs a bit and you can get a decent mid-range cooling solution. However, anything more ambitious than air cooling is usually reserved for the adventurous. Water or liquid cooling has always been for the more adventurous of us since liquids and electricity rarely make good bedfellows. You could build yourself a really nice water loop that contains all the components used in this Corsair H70 but then you'd have to worry about matching components, tubing sizes, which water block to get and of course the radiator and pump which must match everything you've selected. When you get down to it, the process is pretty complicated. So, why not move on to an all-in-one solution like the H70? It's pre-filled and sealed for a long useful life and scales well with higher CFM fans as the load increases. Lets dig into the H70 and see how it fares in its quest to become one of the best cooling solutions available to the consumer.


Closer Look:

The panel of the packaging for the Corsair Hydro series H70 shows a closeup view of the pump assembly mounted and in operation. A picture of the complete cooling system is off to the left to give you an idea what you are going to be installing. Information on the front panel includes a list of socket compatibility, the Corsair logo and H70 product identification. The back panel contains a graph that shows the relative performance of the H70 versus a stock Intel cooling solution. To the left side you have a list of contents and under the graph is a short synopsis of the benefits of using the H70. The left side panel lists the specifications in multiple languages.












Opening the box, you find the manuals and a warning label imploring you not to return the H70 back to the point of purchase. Under the foam block that holds the H70 in place is a formed cardboard tray that holds the cooler and all of the accessories. Once pulled out of the packaging, you get a quick view of what's included.



The accessory bundle that comes with the Corsair H70 includes everything needed to put it into immediate use. Socket compatibility includes all of the current sockets from both Intel (775,1156 & 1366) and AMD (AM2 & AM3). What you get is a series of manuals that detail how the H70 is to be installed, the mounting hardware for both CPU manufacturers, a pair of low speed fan connectors, a "Y" connector to power both fans from a single source and a universal parts kit. Included in this kit are the fan mounting screws and pump retention hardware.



Lets take a walk around the H70 and see what makes it a better cooling solution than the H50.

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing: Setup & Results
  5. Conclusion:
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