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Corsair Graphite 780T Review


Corsair Graphite 780T Conclusion:

Let us recap my reasoning and scoring method before diving into my final words. First I look at what the company is saying it offers. For example, say the company states the case supports large / long graphics cards or ten quiet fans. In this example, I examine what is advertised versus what is actually offered. Most of this becomes uncovered as I take pictures to document the product. If the company does not stay true to its word, then it loses points because no one ever wants to be sold on false advertisement. Next I look at what the product is marketed for and put it into perspective. An example of this could be trying to overclock a CPU in a Mini-ITX case and expecting a low temperature. This would contradict its target market and something I try to catch so it does not affect the score. The last bit is my own interjection. What could the case offer in its price range, and what do other companies offer. This category may include an extra fan, cable management, different color paint, or support for larger video cards. This list is endless so let's move on to the conclusion.

Corsair has once again put a great amount of effort into making something that can stand out from the average chassis. I can say that Corsair has produced a quality product here, but it isn't without some minor faults. Following suit with my previous reviews, I like to start with the negative things about the chassis first and then leave on a good note. Corsair has minor issues that hold it back from being another editor's choice, but that isn't a big deal considering how many great things this chassis holds. The market is also evolving and I can see what ideas and design choices Corsair chose to use, but it just wasn't a fully fleshed out idea.

To start off, I'm going to rip on Corsair a bit for its manual and it is something that will continue to bug me, especially for a higher end chassis. Corsair might as well not include one at all as it's completely worthless. It's okay when a company has a short manual when the necessary information is included. In this case, pointing out what each thing is does not help the consumer during the building process. If you don't know what a hard drive bay looks like already, it's going to be a long road ahead. Therefore, skip the basics and write something useful, like how to remove the hard drive cages or how the SSD trays work. A more detailed manual can be found online, but it's not much better, to say the least. I only stumbled upon it looking up the 780T specs. A direct link on a flyer could have been useful if that's the direction Corsair wanted to go. The only reason I'm beating up on Corsair is because of the price point and it should be expected that a bit more information would be included as the price goes up.

Wrapping things up, the 780T's last few issues can be joined together. Right off the bat, having an entanglement of wires, or what I like to call "spaghetti cables," is something that could be avoided in the factory. I spent a good half an hour tracing the wires back to its origin and then re-doing everything. It was just a bit of an annoyance that bugged me enough to include, though I wouldn't not recommend this chassis just because of the potential wire issues (OCD dependent). For the final part, I ran into issues installing any 360mm radiator in the front as neither of mine would fit. This was because the extra bit extruding from one side with threads for the connectors adds a bit of length. This in turn make it so that the already snug fit is impossible to install without removing the 5.25" bay. Unfortunately that section cannot be removed as it's riveted into place. This means unless you mod it yourself, the only other option is to get a radiator that is either 240mm or one that's 360mm exactly.

To follow up, the Graphite 780T has many positive things making it well worth the asking price. I don't have time to write out each in detail or this would go on forever, so I'm just going to cover the things that make it stand out. First up, having support for every aftermarket CPU cooler is a major advantage. When I say every single one, it's because nothing has topped 200mm yet and that would just be purely insane. I have time and time again given advice for purchasing a cooler, only to find out that a height limit is an issue. At 200mm and a good amount of surrounding space, there isn't much that will not fit. Going along with the CPU cooler, having space up to 355mm without removing a hard drive cage is insane! I also expect Quad CrossFireX or SLI to not be a problem at all, with a generous amount of airflow provided by two 140mm fans in front.

To continue, a dedicated fan controller and long internal cables are almost a must within the high end chassis, as it can really make or break a setup. Given that generally companies don't include all the potential fans, having extra connectors besides the motherboard is a great addition. The frame itself is well built and solid metal; this is great because all too often cheap metal means it will easily bend and dent from moving it around. I did not have this issue; in fact my back hurt a little after a few lifts because I wasn't prepared for the weight.

The Corsair Graphite 780T is an overall great chassis with very few flaws at this price. In fact this is one-of-a-kind considering its unquie look and design. It may not be the best chassis on the market performance-wise, but it hits all the marks and definitely follows in the footsteps of the Graphite series to provide something original to its customers. You can just about forget all the small issues in favor of the overall conclusion as a whole. Corsair has made a quality product that should not be missed and it's as simple as that.


  • Water cooling support
  • Well-built metal frame
  • Support for large, aftermarket CPU coolers (200mm)
  • Support for large, high-end graphics cards (355mm)
  • Long internal cables
  • Dedicated fan controller
  • 360° dust filter coverage
  • XL-ATX Motherboard Support
  • Unique look


  • Empty manual
  • Non-modular (5.25" bay)
  • Initial / factory cable management
  • Potential 360mm radiator issues (water cooling)
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