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Corsair Graphite 780T Review


Corsair Graphite 780T Closer Look

Removing the side panels, as explained on the previous page before, breaks the standard thumb screws and flat panel with a latch design. This allows for the panels to be removed without any screws and is more convient than any other chassis I've seen. Aside from the side panels, inside the chassis is an extreme amount of space, allowing for up to an XL-ATX motherboard to be installed with room to spare! With the generous amount of space, installing up to 200mm CPU coolers or 344mm video cards can be achieved. On the back side you can see the multiple rubber grommets to allow a variety of cable arrangements, along with a buch of wires in the middle. It's hard to see, but the wires are just a big spaghetti mess that will need to be cleaned up if wire management is on the list for you.



Corsair's tool-less design is effective and easy to figure out. The 5.25" bays have a simple lock-in mechanism, which has a latch that is pressed initially while installing the drive. Once the optical drive is inserted, the drive will lock into place. Removal of the drive is just the opposite: press the latch while pulling on the drive and it slides right out. Unfortunately the downside of this bay is that it cannot be removed, causing interference with some 360mm radiators (covered later).

Corsair allows for up to three 2.5" drives to be installed on the back. Installation was a little strange and this is when I wish the manual had some information. The plastic tray has two hooks that act as a latch when the middle is squeezed. To install, align the tray up and then press the latch as it clicks into place. It will be a bit of a struggle, but after the first time it became easy to install again.



The 3.5" hard drive bays have cross support for either a standard drive or a 2.5", which is becoming necessary with SSD drive sales going up as prices go down per gigabyte. The tray themselves are plastic with a basic tool-less installation design that holds standard 3.5" drives in place by plastic pins. However, similar to most  chassis, the 2.5" drive must be screwed into place as it's too small for the tool-less feature to be implemented.


It's assembled! With everything installed there is still space left over to help avoid a cramped look inside. I had some minor issues, but nothing to do with the components. The spaghetti of cables was a bit of a nightmare until I cut all the zip-ties and reorganized them. Once that was solved, I had no other problems installing components. After the side panel is placed on, the components can be seen through the window with a generous amount of viewable space.


  1. Corsair Graphite 780T: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Corsair Graphite 780T Closer Look: The Case
  3. Corsair Graphite 780T Closer Look: Working Components
  4. Corsair Graphite 780T Closer Look: Advanced Features
  5. Corsair Graphite 780T: Specifications & Features
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  7. Corsair Graphite 780T: Conclusion
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