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Corsair Graphite 780T Review


Corsair Graphite 780T Closer Look:

Removing the front panel this time around wasn't as simple as tugging on the front to release the panel. Instead, after removing the front dust filter, small plastic latches need to be released from each side. Afterwards the plastic shell be can slid off. Removing the plastic shell is not required, unless of course you drop a screw in it, like I did. Behind the front dust filter are two pre-installed 140mm fans. Additionally, the fans can be removed to make way for up to a 360mm radiator. Similar to the front, the top allows up to a 360mm radiator to be installed for water cooling or three 120mm fans.



In the pictures below, the I/O ports are neatly aligned in two rows, with the power button front and centered. This layout helps keep the interesting design dynamic the 780T has going. Looking at the ports on the first row, from left to right is the fan controller, two USB 2.0, and two USB 3.0 ports. The second row consists of just the headphone and mic jacks, all of which are essential to the chassis to be effective and functional.



Corsair has broken the norm of the standard side panels. These ones are a bit strange at first, but make perfect sense and I wish other companies would embrace this method. Removing the side panel only requires grabbing the handle and lifting; it's that simple! It made dealing with internal issues after everything was assembled much easier, as all I needed to do was lift a latch and I had access to all the parts. Something like this doesn't seem like a big deal until you are constantly fiddling with components after the initial assembly. I think even so, everyone can a appreciate the design choice and it suits the chassis' look and feel.


After removing the front panel, the wires and PCB can be seen underneath the I/O ports on top. The wires seem to be clean and well managed, but further down the side it gets into a complete mess. I had to cut all the zip ties and and redo them all. It's a minor complaint, but time wasted nonetheless considering how clean the origin of the wires are. Does it harm the chassis overall? No, but expect to put some work into wire management.



Inside the chassis was a box, which included all the accessories. In the box were a manual, screws, and zip ties. The manual itself was basically nonexistent with a few images depicting all the parts in the chassis. I was able to find another manual on Corsair's website, but it wasn't much more helpful. I would expect at this price range to have a bit more information. At least if not in paper form than a detailed e-manual. For the most part, other than the hard drive cages at first, I was able to figure out what parts could and could not be removed.

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