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Corsair Graphite 780T Review

Price: $169.99 - $189.99

Corsair Graphite 780T: Introduction

Today we take a look at Corsair's Graphite 780T full tower, which is the newest addition to the Graphite series. Originally starting in 1994 as a memory company, Corsair has since expanded its reach into other markets. These markets include keyboards, mice, power supplies, CPU cooling, and, of course, computer cases. This case is currently priced between $169.99 to 189.99, depending on the color. This price point puts it within the price range of some more expensive full towers. With the full tower market flooded, similar to the other markets, it becomes increasingly hard for a higher priced full tower to stand out in the crowd. Luckily for Corsair it's pushing the boundaries with the Graphite series' unique look.

When Corsair originally branched out into other markets a few years back, I was a bit skeptical that it might not be able to bring what makes the company "Corsair" to the other markets. I was proven wrong over and over, and here we are again with Corsair now an established company ready to show off its newest chassis. While owning a few quiet chassis myself over the years, I can guarantee that this chassis is the only one on the market with this style and design. The one-of-a-kind look is worth noting, as is the price, depending on your tastes. Without spoiling the highlights, let's dive right in!

Corsair Graphite 780T: Closer Look

Corsair's 780T consists of a few different color variations, ranging from black with red fans to a yellow exterior with white fans. The chassis being reviewed today is the double white variation, with a white exterior and white LED fans. The Graphite series has its own unique appearance that falls in line with everything it makes, which just screams Corsair. For those who aren't already aware of the features in this chassis, I'll give some details.

The front offers two 5.25" bays with a massive removable dust filter covering the lower half. Behind the dust filter itself are two 140mm fans that also offer a few different alternate fan options covered later in the review. Next is a decent-sized side window showing the majority of the interior. On the opposite side is a standard solid panel that follows the chassis' style. Finally, the backside has a 120mm rear fan that can be adjusted up or down according to preference. By default it's lower to allow for over 50mm of clearance from the top to the motherboard tray, creating space for a decent-sized AIO radiator or custom water cooling setup. Finally, with nine expansion slots it allows for the ability to install an XL-ATX motherboard, with room to spare.




Looking at the top of the chassis, there are a few goodies under the mesh. To start, at the front all the I/O ports are lined up front and center, which is a design choice well suited for the style the chassis is going for. Below the top panel is a long dust filter that can be removed by pressing down on the front behind the I/O ports for it to release its hold. By default no fans are pre-installed on top, which is a slight letdown. The ability to install up to a 360mm radiator for either an AIO (all-in-one) or custom loop is a great addition and gives a tease of what is to come in the review. Don't worry, I'll cover the fan and water cooling support later in the review; this is just more of an overview.



It's starting to seem like two dust filters are becoming more common over time. On the bottom the dust filters can slide out independent of each other. I personally like this better. Not only does it become easier to remove, but my experience with longer ones is they tend to warp over time and no longer stay flush to the chassis, which defeats the purpose and usefulness. Removal couldn't be more easy: simply pull and it will slide out. To reinstall, just line it up with the slot and push.


  1. Corsair Graphite 780T: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Corsair Graphite 780T Closer Look: The Case
  3. Corsair Graphite 780T Closer Look: Working Components
  4. Corsair Graphite 780T Closer Look: Advanced Features
  5. Corsair Graphite 780T: Specifications & Features
  6. Corsair Graphite 780T: Testing: Setup & Results
  7. Corsair Graphite 780T: Conclusion
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