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Corsair Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T Review

Price: $179.99


I have always liked the looks of Corsair's cases and appreciate the innovation in its products. Last year, we reviewed the Corsair Graphite Series 600T when it first debuted, and it received excellent praise for the features, looks, and cooling ability. Unfortunately, we ran into a clearance issue with the upper 200mm exhaust fan rendering the ability to use a push/pull configuration on the particular heatsink not available — causing relatively poor CPU temperatures. However, aside from that, the original 600T is well-liked by many. Today, I will be sharing the Special Edition Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T with a side panel window that can be replaced with the included mesh insert. The white coloring offers a contrast in the design and the included window alone is worth $29.99 on top of the original price tag as a separate accessory.

Currently, the Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T is receiving great feedback on many different sites that sell it. It is a Corsair quality product, with great features, intuitive wire management solutions, and is huge for a "mid tower". The Graphite Series 600T includes a built-in, variable speed fan controller, six hard drive caddies with SSD capabilities, room for a top-mounted 240mm radiator for water cooling support, a removable side window that can be replaced with a mesh insert (allowing up to four extra fans), and what seems like a goliath list of more features. I really enjoyed reviewing Corsair's Obsidian 650D last month, and knowing that Corsair pulled a lot of features from its Obsidian line into this case makes me excited to get going and get inside the box.


Closer Look:

The packaging for the Special Edition White Graphite Graphite 600T is identical to that of the original version, as well as that of the Obsidian series. The front of the box shows a wire-frame image of the case, with paragraphs of text to the right of it. Each paragraph explains in detail some of the key features that the Graphite Series 600T offers (in several languages). The left and right sides of the case contain the same information, which is a small table that shares specifications such as the dimensions, construction materials, weight, etc. This information will be in the Specifications & Features section of this review. The rear of the box, as I pointed out in the Obsidian 650D review, has an exploded diagram of the case showing the individual pieces with an explanation behind each. This diagram makes it very clear what to expect, which is a strong reason why I like the way this information is presented on the Corsair packaging.






The case, just like every other case we see, is sandwiched between two Styrofoam blocks. The part that differs between manufacturers, however, is the materials used. Corsair uses a stiff, white Styrofoam and a cloth bag to prevent scratches on the paint job, as well as to act as a dust barrier. As far as accessories go, we see the difference between the original Graphite Series 600T and this Special Edition White version is the replacement mesh insert. Other than that, this case is provided with your normal screws — both fine thread for hardware components and large, coarse thread for fans — keys to the locking side panel, twist ties, and user manual. Also, you'll get the standard-issue Corsair reading material, which is a warranty card and a product "flier".




Now that the "cat's out of the bag", or rather, the case is out of the box, it's time to get started by taking a close look of the outside of the case and its features. Check out the next page for a detailed evaluation of the exterior of the Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing & Setup
  6. Conclusion
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