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Corsair Graphite Series 600T Review



The Corsair 600T lost a little ground when it came to the CPU load and idle tests probably because of missing the fan in the equation. Everywhere else, this case is a shining example of everything a case should be. It comes with many great features right out of the box including three fans, the ability to hold six hard drives and eight total expansion slots so you can always have that Tri-Crossfire or Tri-SLI setup you've been dreaming of. Of course I can't say everything is perfect as I was unable to install my second fan. The included 200mm fans should be reversible to allow installation of the top 200mm fan on the top of the case but because it isn't, I was unable to use the second fan on my push-pull configuration CPU heatsink.

If you decide you need more airflow towards your video cards, you can move the hard drive cage to the bottom of the case to allow the fan to blow without being obstructed by them. Never before have I seen side panels that use buttons you must push down to unlatch. This design makes it easy to remove the side panels when working with your setup. Another great thing about this case are its fan filters. The filters are just so easy to remove and clean. Just simply pushing on the area containing the filter allows the panel to be released which allows you to clean the filter.

A great case would definitely not be complete unless it can route wires with ease. Which, this case does quite well. The sheer number of holes in the motherboard tray should accommodate any which way you decide to manage your wires no matter what your setup. The included manual fan controller is certainly a nice touch which allows you to quiet your setup. Now, not only am I wondering, but I'm sure you are too... I mean, what's this case going for? Well get your wallet ready because it's a big one. A feature heavy case like this also carries a feature heavy price of $159 so this probably isn't a case for you budget builders out there. However, if you're looking for a case that delivers in features and interior size then look no further than the Corsair 600T.



  • Comes with three fans
  • Able to use both sides of the top panel for fans in case your heat sink is obstructed
  • Eight expansion slots so you can finally use that third PC-E slot with a dual slot card
  • Can hold up to six hard drives
  • Internal hard drive cage can be relocated to allow for more airflow
  • Well placed holes in motherboard tray allow for great wire mangement



  • Included top 200mm fan is not reversible
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