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Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200MHz DDR4 64GB Review


Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200MHz DDR4 64GB Conclusion

Putting high end memory in your system is one way to ensure you get the level of performance that you are looking for. Akin to putting in the processor you really want instead of wringing the snot out of a lower speed bin to get where you want to be. Sometimes it's a win/win situation, other times not really so much. When you look at the available offerings in the 4x16GB 3200MHz 64GB capacity module size at your favorite e-tailers, the Dominator modules are going to come at a premium price by comparison. But you know that going into the purchase. However, for that premium dollar you are getting a premium product.

If I break it down, you get a set of modules that have been through an extensive binning process that hand selects the memory ICs being used on these modules. There is a custom designed, cooling optimized PCB that those memory IC's are mounted to so that we can enjoy a trouble free user experience. The DHX cooling solution on these modules is easily up to the task of keeping the modules cool with minimal airflow. The heat spreader and DHX cooling fins are designed to use convective cooling in the absence of any airflow over the modules. In most cases there will be some airflow, be it from the chassis cooling fans or the CPU heat sink fans. With a fan blowing over the modules they never got warm to the touch, even with an applied 1.45v to stretch the cooling capabilities. A bit of airflow from a chassis fan directed over the modules does the trick. Ultimately the cooling capacity of the modules can improve the overclocking potential of the modules.

As far as overclocking went, I was not able to pull that much more from the modules. My processor has turned out to not have the best memory controller on the block, but it easily runs these Dominator Platinum modules at their rated speed bin without issue. I was able to pull an additional 110MHz out of these modules without compromising the timings by using just a bit more applied voltage to get the higher speed stable.

In my testing I found that the higher speed bin was a bit more advantageous than the increased capacity when running the numbers. When compared to slower speed bins with tighter timings, the higher speed bin with looser timings on these modules did not always outperform the lower speed bin parts. That being said, the Dominator Platinum 3200MHz kit was able to run with tighter timings of 15-17-17-36 using the XMP 2.0 applied sub-timings to close that gap. That's not to say you can stick with a lower capacity for all scenarios, as a higher speed bin with tighter timings will scale appropriately. Some quick scenarios where you really can utilize the incredible bandwidth served up by a quad channel X99 setup is when using a RAMDisk or some intensive Photoshop work.

Corsair's Dominator Platinum modules are no slouch in the looks department. The black and silver theme works well and can be further customized with a Cerulean Blue light kit. If you want to jump into some custom modding, you can come up with your own color specific light tubes and bend them up to fit inside the silver housing. I've even seen a set of pink light tubes for a custom build. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

After running through the testing and getting to the end of the review, it's evident that Corsair puts together a great product that has the engineering muscle to back up the brand reputation. You get great performance, great looks, top notch cooling, and a limited lifetime warranty. You pay a bit more for it, but in the end you get what you pay for.


  • High speed bin
  • Performance 
  • Looks
  • Corsair Link 
  • Can change light tube
  • Cooling 
  • Great engineering


  • Pricing
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