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Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200MHz DDR4 64GB Review

Price: $459

Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200MHz DDR4 64GB Introduction:

It's been a while since I have looked at a set of modules for Intel's X99 platform, but today the time has come for a revisit of the platform with an X99 socket 2011 v-3 refresh board and Intel's Core i7 6950X. In the past I have looked at offerings from G.Skill, Patriot, and Corsair's own Vengeance lineup in varying capacities. This time around I get to take a look at the top end of the Corsair Dominator product stack with a 64GB kit of the company's Dominator Platinum DDR4 modules. Corsair offers the Dominator Platinum modules in speed bins from 2133MHz all the way up to a blistering 4000MHz in capacities from 8GB to 128GB. What you get from Corsair is a broad spectrum of coverage with just about all the price points covered.

For the most part, Corsair offers the Dominator Platinum modules in basic black and silver. It's a look that works. However, if you dig through the product pages you will find that there are some ASUS ROG specific modules that come with a red cover, and if you look a bit deeper there are some modules with orange covers that would look right at home on a couple of Gigabyte's OC offerings.

Priced just north of $450 for this 64GB set of modules, the Dominator Platinum modules are not going to be part of a bargain build, but if you are going to the high end of the spectrum these modules just might be on your wish list. In the past, I have wrung out a few 16GB DDR4 kits, so it will be interesting to see just where this set of modules from Corsair performs.

Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200MHz DDR4 64GB Closer Look:

Corsiar's packaging screams high end no matter how you look at it. The black background with chrome side panels allows the image of the modules to stand out from the background. A window at the top of the package lets you get a look at what the modules look like rather than the stock image on the front of the package. The Corsair logo is present, while the Dominator Platinum logo gets top billing. At the bottom of the front cover you see that the modules are XMP certified for Intel systems using Core series processors. The 64GB capacity is highlighted in chrome on both the front and rear of the package, so there is no mistaking the amount of DRAM you are getting.

These Dominator Platinum modules are built to integrate into Corsair's Link software suite to monitor the modules. The back side of the packaging discusses the benefits of the Dominator Platinum modules in several languages. At the bottom left is a label that identifies the part number and serial numbers of the included modules. Normally memory modules do not weigh much, but the Dominator Platinum modules carry some heft to them. To compensate for this added weight, the internal support of the modules is pretty robust, with a dense foam foam holding each of the 16GB modules in a clear shell.



Typically, 64GB kits are made up a couple different ways. You can go with 8x8GB modules in an X99 motherboard to populate all of the available slots or you can run 4x16GB modules, such as we get in this kit from Corsair. This Dominator Platinum kit carries part number CMD64GX4M4C3200C16 and plays out as a 4x16GB set of DDR4 modules rated at 3200MHz using timings of 16-18-18-36 at 1.35v. Additionally, this lets you know that these modules are part of Corsair's Dominator Platinum series of modules that are certified for operation with Intel 100 series chipsets and work well with the X99 platform.

What you get with the Dominator Platinum line up is a custom manufactured PCB that integrates with the DHX cooling package to keep both the PCB and memory ICs from getting cooked when pushing these modules past their limits. The cooling fins actually slide over the top of the over sized cooling optimized PCB, while the heat shields bolt on and utilize convective cooling to shed the thermal load generated by these modules. It's a proven system I have seen before on the Dominator Platinum DDR3 modules using higher applied voltages. One side of the DIMM has the Dominator Platinum name and speed bin of these modules, while the other side has the warranty sticker listing the part number and the individual serial number of the module for warranty purposes.

Corsair offers a customizable light bar that comes in either Arctic White or Cerulean Blue if you choose to go that route. Currently, if you purchase a set of these modules you can get a free color upgrade to blue. Now, if you are the creative type you can find some colored acrylic and make any color in the rainbow to meet your system needs. The top of the light bar has the Dominator Platinum logo so there is no doubt about what modules you are running.




Visually, the Dominator Platinum modules from Corsair have no equal. There are others that have unique functional designs, but the build out on the Dominator Platinum modules really makes them one-of-a-kind memory modules. From the customized cooling optimized PCB, the DHX cooling solution, the hand picked and tested memory ICs (and a little bling in the form of a light bar), you get a set of modules that you can tune for your system's operating characteristics. I'll close with a beauty shot before I move on to seeing what these modules have to offer for performance.

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