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Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133Mhz 16GB Review



What Corsair has to offer with this set of modules is a kit that will run with the best kits out on the market at stock speeds yet offers the ability to really push the limits of your CPU's memory controller when it comes time to overclock them for added performance margins. Top that off with a unique industrial look and the ability to use the light bar feature to customize the modules and you have a kit that delivers excellent performance while looking great. At 2133Mhz, the Dominator Platinum modules are by no means a slow kit. Overclocking yielded a 15% boost in clock speed to 2481Mhz using timings of 9-12-11-30 and 1.695v. A pretty decent boost all the while running Cas 9 at close to 2500Mhz. These settings allowed the modules to sit in the top spot in the testing in 12 out of 21 tests and almost equal the best modules in 7 more tests when overclocked — a pretty solid performance when comparing against modules that clocked a bit higher. Since Corsair offers kits that scale up to 2666Mhz, it was only fair to at least try to run the number. These modules did hit 2666Mhz using 1.75v applied in the BIOS to run some super pi 32m stable testing using 10-12-12-31 timings. While this is not an everyday type of test, it shows the potential if these modules go sub-zero. In all, the overclocking was fairly robust with this set of modules. However, they would be lost without the Dual Path DHX cooling solution that Corsair employs on the Dominator lineup. By cooling the PCB and the memory IC's through convective cooling, the cooling solution is great with minimal airflow at up to 2400Mhz and 1.65v. Above that, Corsair recommends additional airflow to keep the modules cool. Using a 120mm fan 8 inches away from the modules kept them close to ambient temperatures even when pushing 1.75v through the DIMMs. These results are impressive to say the least. The light bar over the heat sinks acts as a channel to direct airflow over the fins of the DHX cooling solution and proves to be effective as well as good-looking.

The light bar is a feature that sets these modules apart from any other on the market by giving the end user a way to customize the look of the memory in their system with lighting effects that will be available in multiple colors to compliment just about any system. Availability for the light bars is is trending towards the end of 2012! Popping a set of red light bar equipped Dominator Platinum's into the Maximus V Gene would allow the modules to fit right in with all of the red lighting already on the board. This set of Dominator Platinum memory is equipped with a "Link" connection that can be used to hook the modules up to Corsair's Link monitoring and control system. Additional airflow can be gained by mounting Corsair's Airflow Pro Dynamic Temperature and activity display that ties into the link connector for a visual indication of both memory usage and temperature readings. The Airflow Pro is an interesting tool, but it would take away from the impression of the lighting. As you can guess pricing for these boutique modules is going to set you back a little over and above what you would pay for a set of performance modules. This kit currently retails for $214 or about 15 bucks less than Dominator modules with slightly better timings yet with the same capacity. All in all the Dominator Platinum modules performed well by comparison, offering great performance and overclocking margins to go along with the unique look provided by the Dual Path DHX cooling and innovative lighting solution. Sure, you can get performance memory for less, but when you are putting together that premium build and need a specific look you cannot go wrong with this set of memory from Corsair. This kit has it all: looks, performance, and a lifetime warranty to boot!



  • Performance
  • Looks
  • DHX Cooling
  • Overclocking margin
  • Removable light bar
  • Corsair Link Ready
  • Warranty



  • Pricing
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  2. Specifications & Features
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  6. Testing: Metro 2033
  7. Conclusion
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