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Corsair Carbide 600C Review


Corsair Carbide 600C Conclusion:

The Corsair Carbide 600C takes things down a different path with the inverse-ATX design. Initially, it took a moment to sink in, but this is something that has grown on me now that I have spent some time with it. The Carbide 600C is the latest addition to the Carbide Series. Corsair concentrated on a case design that delivered ultimate silence with the 600Q and ultimate style with the 600C - both without sacrificing ultimate performace. And I believe the company has hit its mark. From the outside, the 600C is not flashy or loud; it is much more conservative and unassuming. The aesthetics are clean and refined. While many cases have tops that are fully vented with an array of mounting provisions for fans and radiators, the 600C has a solid top (for sound control), yet still retains the ability to support several fans and radiators within the case.

The 600C breaks the business-as-usual theme and flips the motherboard and hides the power supply at the top. This of couse means that access is from the other side of the case. And the inverted design allows for some improved cable management and better sound control, which ultimately allows space for a cleaner build. The front fascia has large side vents to pull in fresh air and this approach also helps to reduce any escaping fan noise. And you get two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports along with a three-speed, three-channel fan control slider switch that can control three case fans.

The fit and finish are again top-notch, which has been the standard with everything I have seen from Corsair. The hinged side door is a big plus for me, and the fact that it is so large is another plus. I like to show off my hardware, so this case certainly has that base covered. I also like the side door handle and the way it firmly latches shut. Clearly some thought went into the door and latch design. Dust intrusion should be kept to a minimum with the two case filters. Both firmly seat in position to keep dust from sneaking past any gaps.

I will say that through the entire review, I didn't come across anything that gave me any problems. The MSRP for the 600C is $149.99, which might seem a little steep if this was just a standard case. But it isn't. If you want to "invert" the way you think about cases, check out the 600C.



  • Inverse-ATX layout
  • Large, clear side window / hinged door
  • Great air flow
  • Support for up to a 280mm front and 360mm bottom radiator
  • Full steel exterior panels
  • Three-speed fan controller
  • Three 140mm fans included
  • Great cable management and space
  • Tool-free drive bays
  • Support for long GPUs (up to 270mm)
  • Easy filter cleaning



  • None


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