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Corsair Carbide Series 200R Case Review

Price: $59.99


When thinking of companies that produce great computer cases, Corsair is certainly at the top of the list that comes to mind. Corsair has established a reputation for designing cases that not only look great but are generally an absolute dream to work with as well. That quality does have a cost though, as Corsair cases tend to cost just a few more gold doubloons than ones from many other manufacturers. In the past Corsair has made attempts to produce less-costly cases for the Carbide series with the 300R and even the 400R, but both of them are much closer to the $100 price marker than the $50 line. Today, Corsair is looking to change that.

The Corsair Carbide Series 200R is the newest chassis to be introduced to the venerable Carbide Series lineup. Jumping into the mix at the unheard-of (for Corsair) price of $59, this case stands to fill in the bottom end of the price range without sacrificing the features and quality that Corsair is known for. Granted, at nearly $30 cheaper than the nearest case in the Carbide Series lineup, some features will have to be sacrificed to reduce costs – the real question is whether or not those sacrifices have also gutted the usability and quality from the chassis. Keep reading to see if Corsair has managed to cram all of the goodness from its higher-end cases into the new Carbide Series 200R!


Closer Look:

What's this on my doorstep? At a glance it is immediately obvious that a Corsair case has shown up. Corsair stuck with its tried-and-true packaging design here using plain cardboard with black ink. The bottom of the box for the Carbide 200R is blacked out with the series and model printed in very large white text along the bottom. A simple front isometric view gives you a pretty good idea of how the case is formed if not any idea of what color it is along with a quick list of features in various languages. I've said before how much I like simple packaging designs as it usually indicates that my money is going towards the actual product and not just a fancy box that my cat will want to play in.

Moving on to the side of the box reveals a table that lists the contents of the box in many languages (not surprisingly this box contains a Corsair Carbide Series 200R mid-tower case) as well as a side and front profile of the case with some dimensions listed to help give you an idea of the size. The back side of the box details the inner workings of the chassis via an exploded-panel view along with a long list of other languages (I can't even identify half of them) detailing the same feature list seen on the front of the box. The last side of the box again has a side and front profile with dimensions as well as a large table detailing the complete exterior dimensions of the case. Overall the packaging is minimalist and effective.










Anyway, enough about the box the case comes in, let's move on to the fun part! Extracting the 200R from its cardboard tomb is a simple procedure and won't leave you frustrated in any way. Unlike some manufacturers who seemingly cram the products in boxes with a shoehorn, Corsair has taken the time to ensure that the box as well as the case itself will survive the process of extrication. The case comes wrapped in a clear plastic bag to keep out moisture from the rainy day that always seems to accompany packages being delivered. Each end is protected by a sturdy foam cap to ensure a lack of dents and dings. If you get one of these in the mail it'll definitely arrive unharmed. Will the Corsair Carbide 200R live up to the Corsair legacy of quality even at this low price point? Keep on reading to find out!


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  2. Closer Look: (The Case)
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