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Corsair AX1200 1200W Power Supply Review




Price per Watt:

Power Supply Corsair AX1200 at $329.99 = $0.28/Watt (07-2010)


The Corsair AX1200 power supply is one of the most efficient power supplies I have tested for OCC, but it gets better. The DC output voltage load regulation was almost perfect with all the rails maintaining their voltage within a 20mV window from zero to full load, whilst keeping ripple/noise levels well within the permitted levels. The Corsair AX1200 power supply could be the best power supply in this class at the moment and it will take some beating.

If I had one complaint to make, then it's Corsairs decision to go fully modular. I won’t mark the unit down because of this, as some enthusiasts like the idea, but it’s a concept I just can’t understand or even justify. If you are going to go out and buy this power supply, then it’s pretty reasonable to assume it’s for an high-end gaming rig running one, or even two powerful graphics cards in SLI or Crossfire, is it not? Why make the 20/24 pin motherboard connector modular, when every PC uses that one, not to mention an ATX12V/EPS12V connector? Two or even four captive (6/8 pin) PCI-E cables would be another sensible option. I know connector failure is rare, but it does happen, so why not decrease the chances?

The Corsair AX1200 uses some unique design ideas to reach 80 Plus gold levels of efficiency, like zero voltage and zero current switching, rectification using MOSFET’s instead of diodes to reduce losses and a four layer printed circuit board with trace optimization. This review isn’t really the place to expand on these technologies, but for any reader that’s interested, there’s an interesting article on the Corsair website that explains them quite well.

The Corsair AX1200 comes highly recommended and I have no hesitation whatsoever in awarding it the OCC Editors' Choice award.



  • Excellent voltage regulation
  • 80 Plus Gold efficiency
  • Low noise/ripple
  • Single 12V rail
  • Modular
  • Seven year warranty
  • Great looks
  • Plenty of connectors



  • None
Editors' Choice

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Power Supply)
  3. Specification & Features
  4. Testing: DC Voltage Load Regulation At 110VAC & 230VAC
  5. Testing: Efficiency, Power Factor & DC Quality
  6. Testing: Temperature, Noise Level & Fan Speed
  7. Conclusion
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