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Corsair A50 and A70 Review



After completing the testing of both the Corsair A50 and A70, I was pleasantly surprised with their performance. Even though their design is simple, their cores are small, and their bases could have a better finish; they both did quite well for what I expected out of them. Typically with a small and lightweight body, there is less mass to retain heat. Less mass means a lower heat capacity, which can cause temperatures to climb once the heatsink loses equilibrium and cannot keep up with the heat flux from an overclocked processor. Even at 3.4ghz, I did not observe this happening. The only con that I can really think of that I could list is the poor finish on the base, but as I said I have not found any other direct contact heatpipe cooler with a perfectly smooth base. Just for this reason, I won't list that as a con. Either way, these coolers' performances certainly made up for it. For about $50 and $65 respectively for the A50 and A70, either one of these coolers would be a great choice for a new computer or an existing machine. Either would work nicely for users who want good performance without taking the plunge into the super high end coolers near the $80+ mark. The installation is simple, the footprint is small, the fans are changeable, and the price is right for their performance.



  • Multiple platform support
  • Small, lightweight footprint
  • Fans included
  • Direct contact heatpipes



  • None
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