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Corsair A50 and A70 Review

Price: A50 $49.99 - A70 $64.99


Primarily known for their desktop and laptop memory, Corsair has been expanding their product lines to solid state hard drives, power supplies, as well as cases and cooling products. Corsair offers a wide range of products, from value to top end enthusiast, and many will agree that their offerings are top notch. Today in this review, I will be exploring Corsair's new "A" series of air coolers, which use a direct contact heat pipe layout and shrouded fans. These coolers are the Corsair A50 and A70, which are in the upper end price range.  I hope to see them perform well when compared against the latest heatsinks from other manufacturers. In this review, I will provide a complete evaluation of these products, including thoughts during unboxing,  assessment of their features and construction, specifications, and stress testing.


Closer Look:

The Corsair A50 and A70 are packaged in black cardboard boxes with high quality graphics and their respective model numbers printed on them. The left and right sides of the packages provide a short list of features and specifications of each cooler in several different languages, while the rear of the packages display a graph of performance over the stock cooler, as well as some more features and explanations. Since the A70 is slightly a bigger cooler, the box is a little bit larger than the packaging for the A50. In all pictures, I will position the A70 to the left of the A50. In separate pictures, the A70 will be in the left-most picture.















The A50 and A70 are protected internally by blocks of Styrofoam and arrived safely without any damage to them. The heatsinks are packaged with all required mounting hardware, fans with built in shrouds, user's documentation, and fan plug extensions and a Y-cable with the A70. The Y-cable has two 3-pin female connectors with one 3-pin male that only requires one header to be used on the motherboard, which means both fans on the A70 can be controlled by only making one adjustment.



With the A50 and the A70 out of their boxes and everything else unpacked, I will now begin to take a closer look of the heatsinks and compare their similarities and differences. The next page will contain a closer look of the heatsinks.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing Setup & Results
  5. Conclusion
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