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Corsair 550D Case Review



Testing the Corsair 550D required pushing my hardware to heat things up! Testing involved recording temperatures for the CPU, GPU, chipset, hard drives, and overall system during idle and load phases. I’ve mentioned this before, but as it is still a recent change, OCC has upgraded to the Force Series GT 240 GB SSD from Corsair and removed the HDD temps from case reviews. HDTune is no longer a part of the case benchmarking process (as it had been in the past).

Otherwise, load was simulated by running Prime95’s small FFTs and 3Dmark Vantage for one hour. The maximum temperatures were recorded using HW Monitor. It is important to note that each case is tested from its factory setup, including location of fans, unless otherwise noted.


Testing Setup:


Comparison Cases:











So like the other cases in comparison the Corsair 550D doesn’t do too shabby temperature-wise considering the true lack of holes for airflow. The case was tested with all the panels in place as delivered – didn’t remove any of them (the ultimate silent case). The idle temperatures seemed to be the only temperatures to stand out from the crowd. The idles were the highest in every measurement by a degree or two (which really isn’t that much of a difference).

In all honesty the 550D performed just as well under load as any other midrange mid-tower chassis that has come through my hands. It truly is one of the quietest cases I’ve ever had. I’d use it for a home theater case if my setup allowed me to have an upright tower…it was so quiet I had to literally check to see if it was on, it just didn’t make enough noise. With all the sound-proofing and closed up holes, you would think it would be really hot, but somehow Corsair really won this one out. It’s relatively cool and sure as heck quiet; great performance overall.

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