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Corsair 550D Case Review

Price: $139.99


I’m back with yet another case review; it seems like I have my own store to sell cases here anymore. We just took a look at the 300R from Corsair, a not-so-impressive lower-end case with a high price tag. Today we are moving up in ranks in the same form factor as we take a look at the 550D from the Corsair Obsidian family. The 650D from this series just recently replaced my 600T from the carbide series as my day-to-day review rig. So when it’s not being swapped case to case, it does have a home.

Corsair has grown on me a bit over time with each new case. The 600T first won me over with the easy-to-close side panels. The 650D to replace it won again with the same panels and better cooling. The 550D we are looking at today looks to be another winner as well. Although it doesn’t have the same handles to mount the side panels, it does have a neat little hidden back button to hold them in place. There’s no need for thumb screws and getting the panel back on after making changes isn’t a pain in the arse. Before I give away too many lovely features of this case, let's go ahead and start getting a closer look of it ourselves…

Closer Look:

As usual, I’ll start with the box pictures as it showed up on my doorstep. If you are familiar at all with the Corsair cases then you know the packaging style; brown box, black text, and drawings of the case with specifications and features outlined. If you don’t know the style all too well, just take a glance at any Corsair review in the last couple years – it’s a standard that I’ve come to know as the “Corsair” box and still remains as one of my favorite box printing styles.

The front of the box insures you are receiving the chassis you ordered, in big bold lettering it reads “Corsair Obsidian 550D”. Once you are sure the delivery guy didn’t bring you the wrong package and that your order has been filled correctly you can happily bring it inside knowing what you have. The back side of the box shows a blown-out view of the case showing key features including: revolutionary combination of noise and cooling, superior airflow, the silent treatment, and the concepts of being built by builders for builders.










The sides of the box are, well, the sides of the box. You get a couple sketches of the case from the front and a side panel removed. It honestly depicts the case rather well just in an inverted color manner. The specifications and features are listed in rather fine print in order to include multiple languages. Corsair's products have always seemed to be a friendly offering of understanding worldwide.



Cutting open the box like I’ve told you a million times is the best moment. The product is finally being released to my hands – either a good thing, or a bad thing depending on what it is and how good it is. I’m pretty happy with the packing, as most things coming here come across the entire United States, so getting here in one piece is always impressive. Two foam caps, a plastic bag, and extra cardboard scraps protect the case all the way here.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing & Results
  6. Conclusion
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