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Corsair 500R Mid-Tower Case Review


Closer Look:

Woo! It’s outta the box! It’s kinda purdy looking too. The white, as much as I had feared it before opening the box, isn’t so bad at all. I expected the annoying super-glossy white that shows every place you’ve ever touched the case. I was way wrong about that; instead the case has a really nice finish, not too shiny and not too flat looking either. It’s really a perfect paint job, no other way to explain it – no finger prints becomes the immediate plus for me.

The front of the case is nice and symmetrical. A center strip of black with two small strips of white at the extreme edges is very nice looking. A minimal reminder at the bottom that this is indeed a corsair case you own… but it’s not screaming “CORSAIR” just a subtle “hi”. Flipping around to the back it’s déjà vu and we have a similar appearance with the black and white. The paint finish just makes this case look nice.















Taking a look side to side the panels are essentially the same. One panel has a cut out filled with mesh for the large 220mm fan that pumps air across the entire rig. The back side hides all those ugly cables with its little bump outwards. It looked kinda silly at first – but this thing is going to hold all the bulky cables from my PSU.



Getting up close and taking a look at that front I/O panel we can see how well this chassis is going to turn out. It has a nicely sized power button with the classic power logo to light up. It also has a small HDD light below that and a reset button on the opposite side to prevent accidental presses. There’s a little slider to control the fan speeds – it appears to have three positions, full, middle, and low. A toggle button next to that controls the LEDs on the front and side panel fans; however, unless you have fingers that are super pointy good lucking getting it to click. Even with my finger nails I could barely get it to click when I wanted it to. To wrap it all up – as always the top comes with a cup holder (or a screw/whatever you want holder)!



Taking a quick look at the top of the case before we move inside we find a nice click-mounted panel. Push it in and it pops open and can be taken to the sink as a fan filter and cleaned out. Meanwhile, underneath is a perfect spot for a dual radiator installation, including Corsairs own Hydro Series H100 or even just a couple more fans to improve airflow. With the holes being completely cut out rather than mesh style holes (like on most cases) I’m expecting some serious airflow on this case. Let’s take a look on the inside (next page) and get to testing it out!


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing & Results
  6. Conclusion
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