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Corsair 300R Case Review



Overall the 300R wasn’t the best case I’ve had my hands on, but it wasn’t the worst case either. Getting hardware in wasn’t painful and on any day I call that a win. I’ve worked with quite a few large cases that weren’t even user friendly. I’m disappointed to see that it is mainly a stripped down body merge of some of Corsairs higher-end cases. You can see where features exist in upper cases that have simply been removed here. However, it is expected to be sees such in case line-ups – higher-end cases stripped down to market to a lower budget build. I just wish it wasn’t so obvious that parts could be here and there.

The cost does play with my mind a bit as well. It is a bit better than the NZXT Tempest and Source cases I’ve previously mentioned, in a manner that the sides are a bit thicker and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart when you look at it the wrong way. It has a pretty nice feel overall, but for $90 I expected a little more. Perhaps this is just the release markup price still up on it, and as it sits on the market a while, the cost will come down. For about $20 less I’d say this is a heck of case and would recommend it to save coin on any build. It’s easy to work with, but isn’t quite on the level to compete with other cases in that price range. Overall not bad, but not a gold winner in my book.




  • Cooling the CPU at load
  • Tiny on the outside, roomy inside
  • Quiet for what it is



  • Price
  • Clear strip down of higher-end cases
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