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Corsair 300R Case Review


Closer Look:

Finally out of the box we can get our first look at what has recently been a hot disputed subject here on OCC - is the 300R a mistakenly overpriced case? A lot of first glances thought there had been a typo on the price when this case released…guess we’ll have to take a closer look and decide to see who was trolling who. Right away it does have that noticeably cheaper feel. It has the thinner panels and is generally a lot lighter than most. However, it doesn’t mean it will not turn out to be a rather nice case. The front is pretty basic with room for three optical bays. A mesh body with slight extrusion takes up the lower half of the case and if you look really hard you can see glimpse of an included front mounted fan. A few Allen screws give it a slight industrial look – I'm not exactly sure if that was the meaning, but it at least breaks up the front from being only plastic with mesh.

The back of the case is much like the back of most cases. There is room for a bottom mounted PSU, 7 PCI-E slots, an I/O panel, some punch-outs for water cooling and a rear 120mm included fan. Slightly odd from most cases is the 120mm fan back here – many have “upgraded” to supporting both the 140mm and 120mm options. It doesn’t really take away from the build only having the 120mm, but it is something to note.













The side of the case takes a jab at low costs. Two simple cutouts are punched for addition of two 120mm/140mm fans of your choice. The material feels thin, but it is just the side panel. It’s pretty plain from the side, but to be honest, I’m just happy both side panels came with thumb screws (unlike a few we’ve seen in just the recent past). The other side panel, behind the mobo tray, is plain with no fan mounts. I’m okay without the fan mounts, a lot of times you need a special thin fan to run, or if you are like me, you generally never fill it anyway.



A close look up front of the case to the front I/O panel you can see a pretty basic layout. It has a power button, reset button, and HDD indicator on the left upper corner. Symmetry plays a bit and the two USB 3.0 ports along with the headphone and mic jack match it up. There isn’t anything too special about it here on the outside, but that seems to be what case designers have been dishing out lately. The plain look is currently taking its turn on the market.


Overall from the outside the case doesn’t look that bad. It somewhat resembles the NZXT Tempest or Source cases I’ve had through here before. Unfortunately, the price doesn’t reflect that same structure, which does lead me to some concerns. I do hope to open it up and find a golden egg inside or something more special to give it more for its value tag.

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