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Corsair Vengeance 2000 Headset Review



Overall, I'm very impressed with the Corsair Vengeance 2000 gaming headset. True to the Corsair name, they are solidly built, well thought out, and sound incredible. The fact that they are wireless only adds to the ability to enjoy them, since you will no longer have to miss out on in-game chat or movie dialog as you leave your computer to refill on gaming/movie refreshments. Although they are not intended to be used solely for listening to music, I cannot imagine anyone to be disappointed by the sound quality unless you have golden ears and are incredibly picky about your headphones. The compensation circuits to avoid distortion are never overbearing (or even noticeable for that matter) and if you want even more volume, you can always plug them in while listening. When plugged in, they take the maximum volume level and pump it up a notch…they will literally shake your head on deep bass notes.

I honestly struggled to come up with things I don't like about this headset. I thought, at first, that the wireless aspect would cause issues. It doesn't. I thought that the battery life would be annoying. It wasn't. I thought that they'd be limited in output since they are battery powered. They aren't. The only real con I can come up with is if you don't care about them being wireless, you can probably find a wired headset for slightly cheaper than the $149.99 asking price. In the realm of wireless headsets, though, the Corsair Vengeance 2000 is unmatched at its game.



  • Comfort – adjustability and great padding for long term support
  • Easy microphone mute w/ good quality
  • Incredibly good output and sound quality
  • Battery life (10+ hours!)
  • Built-in equalizer with flat response settings from the factory



  • Cost, but considering the features, this is a minor issue
  • Additional driver HRTF processing feels unneeded
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