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CoolIT Eliminator Review

Coolit Systems
Price: $199 USD


Last month we had the privilege to take a look into Coolit's Freezone CPU cooler. That unit used TEC (Peltier) cooled water, in a “chiller” module to cool the CPU. Being the first of its kind, Coolit was basically pioneering this field. This month we have the unique and very privileged chance to take a look at their latest addition, the “Eliminator” CPU cooler. This unit has the same basic design as the Freezone, although it looks to be a little bigger. Only time will tell us if they worked out the few bugs that the Freezone had and if this Eliminator is actually an improvement over the Freezone. However, with the slated $199 price tag, this cooler will definitely be grabbing more of the market than the Freezone. With the smaller price and hopefully the same kind of performance, this will make the Eliminator a CPU cooler for the masses.


Closer Look

I received the Eliminator very quickly, so as with all things that I receive in the mail, I checked out the initial condition of the box, found that it had no shipping damage, and then proceeded to open it up and take a look at this beastly cooler. And what a beast it turns out to be! Coolit has used an open face box showing off the unit which seems to be a more consumer shelf level approach to packaging.


Opening the box up and taking out the cooler, I immediately noticed how much the design has changed over the Freezone.

The unit is longer than that of the Freezone as it has a longer plate, but at the same time, it is also narrower than the Freezone.

Taking a peek underneath the cover, there looks to be 3 separate Peltier units mounted on a central radiator, each with a block for coolant mounted on it. Following the path of the tubing, the unit appears to run these blocks in series, pumping the coolant through each block then back to the CPU block to cool your raging processor.


They also seem to have removed the fan flaw that was in the Freezone. They replaced the entire section with a new setup and bolt-on design that removes the need for users to modify it.

The most noticeable improvement of the Eliminator is that they have integrated the controller module, so you don’t need to make any of the old hookups. There is also a switch to set your cooling preference.

The tube running to the CPU block appears to be a little on the short side, so you may run into an issue with a larger case.  All the mounting hardware that ships with the unit will allow you to install onto virtually any hardware, as this is supposed to be a universal cooler.

Enough with the looking, onto the install!

  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Installation and Specifications
  3. Testing
  4. Conclusion
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