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Coolit ECO A.L.C. Review

Price: $74.99


When you buy your parts to build a new computer, CPU cooling is't always high on the list of things to get if you are not an enthusiast. Mainly because the CPU comes with a heatsink already! If it ain't broke then don't fix it right? Wrong! But where do you go and what do you choose? There are plenty of coolers that can do the job but the size of the heatsinks and costs can vary from the mild to the wild. One thing you think of as on the wild side is liquid cooling. Liquid cooling can be decidedly on the wild side with pumps, blocks, radiators, and tubing in a myriad of possible combination's.Then you have the possible leaks and constant maintenance that have to be attended to. In the end some people yearn for an easier way. Coolit has had the answer with their pre-assembled and permanently sealed Advanced Liquid Cooling systems that come in a variety of configurations and costs. They have taken the the wild side out of the equation and have brought reliability and long term value with the introduction of the Coolit ECO A.L.C.. Coolit has listened to the market when it comes to their products such as the Pure and Domino A.L.C. that performed well but fitting them into a chassis without room was a challenge, not to mention the cost associated with a high end pre-assembled liquid cooling system. Coolit has put the ECO together as a low (relatively at $74) cost solution with higher chassis compatibility due to the the compact assembly of the unit. Cooling the CPU down can be a challenge any way you look at it, whether using air cooling or a high end custom water cooling setup. Lets see if the Coolit ECO A.L.C. can handle the needs of the enthusiast.

Closer Look:

The Coolit ECO A.L.C. packaging comes without any flash but is all business. Each panel of the package has information about the ECO A.L.C.. Depending on which panel you look at, you will get a bit more information so you finish up with a true picture of what the Coolit ECO is all about. Information you can read includes notes about the proprietary pump and its MTBF of 50,000 hours, The high performance radiator, universal retention mechanism, Coolit's A.T.C thermal compound and more.














When you open the box you have a foam insert that holds the ECO A.L.C. and all of its accessories. The outside of the insert holds the accessories that includes backplates for three different Intel sockets as well as mounting brackets to fit the latest socket configurations from AMD. Splitting open the foam insert, you reach the ECO.



The contents of the packaging include everything you need to get started. You get an instruction pamphlet, the ECO A.L.C., Mounting brackets for AMD systems and backplates to install on the last three commercially available Intel sockets (775,1156,1366). The ECO comes fully assembled so all that is left is to mount it into the chassis of your choice.




Water cooling never looked so simple has it?


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