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Cooler Master Vortex Plus Review



If you are looking for the next best thing in the cooling world that will give you the lowest temperatures on your overclocked Core i7, the Vortex Plus is not the cooler for you. You will need something more robust to keep up with the thermal energy you need to dissipate. However if you are looking for a low profile heatsink that does the job much better than the stock cooling solution, the Vortex Plus will be right up your alley. When tested, the Vortex Plus delivered temperatures in the middle of the pack on the test Core i5 750 at 53° C. This of course well below what you might call warm for a Core series Intel processor and is a full 16° C better than the stock cooler. Even when I put a mild overclock on the CPU to add more thermal load, the Vortex Plus responded with a 63° C load temperature, still well in the "Safe" zone and this time a full 20° C cooler than the temperatures delivered by the stock cooler.

The mounting solution was easy to use and offers up a different way of attaching the CPU to the socket. No longer do you have to fight the heat sink to reach the push pins. The low profile design makes this cooler a perfect fit for small form factor chassis such as HTPC and Lan cases. The direct contact heat pipe system employed by Cooler Master looks like it was executed better than what I saw on the Hyper TX3 I looked at last year and includes a fourth 6mm heatpipe to help the thermal capability of the cooler. Priced at $30, the Vortex Plus is not the rock bottom of the scale, but then again, is not anywhere near the top of the price scale either. At this price point, it is attractive and is designed to fit a niche. In this niche it should do well and offers performance substantially better than the stock cooling solution, for a price that really won't break the bank. You get decent performance, low noise and an easy installation, so if you need a low profile heatsink to fit yor next project, the Vortex plus just might fit the bill.



  • Interesting mounting
  • Low profile
  • Low noise
  • Universal mounting
  • Direct Contact heatpipes
  • Adequate cooling
  • Price



  • Not for serious overclocking


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