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Cooler Master USNA95 Ultra Slim Notebook Power Adapter Review

Price: $79.95


When it comes to mobility everything is important - especially size and weight. The more devices you carry with you when traveling, the more power adapters you need to keep those devices working. Unless that is, you have an all in one solution, which usually weighs a ton and never powers every device that you need. Travel aside, what happens if one of your power adapters stops working? Usually you have to pay over $100 for an OEM adapter that again only works with that one device, leaving you packing more and more later on. The price just does not seem feasible. Well, Cooler Master has been producing replacement notebook adapters to aid you in making life easier. They have taken all of their design knowledge and poured it into designing the world's smallest and lightest 95w adapter - the USNA 95. The Cooler Master Ultra Small Note Book Adapter 95 not only provides power for your portable computer, but your other portable devices as well such as iPod, cell phones, and more. Now for less than the price of replacing your OEM adapters, you can have that all in one solution saving you weight, time, and expense.


Closer Look:

The Cooler Master USNA95 comes packaged in a sleek box with a window showing you the design without having to remove it from the packaging. This open view lets you see the slim and small style of the Ultra Slim Power Adapter. You may notice on the front that the adapter has received the 2010 iF Product Design Award as well. On the rear there is another window showing you the types of tips that are available. I would urge any potential buyer to verify that their devices will work prior to purchasing the power adapter through Cooler Master's Website. On the rear there is also a list of some of the impressive features that the USNA95 has included. Flipping over to the side there is a list of the specifications and the brands of notebooks that are supported with the adapter.











The power brick and accessories are placed into two separate compartments to keep them from shifting or being lost during shipping. This also protects the parts from being damaged by rubbing up against each other. Included with the power brick are the AC cable, power tip cable, cable clamp, power tips, user guide and a carrying bag to keep everything together.



Now that we have everything out of the package, we can get a better look on how everything works.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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