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CoolerMaster Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset Review



When it comes down to configuring the CoolerMaster Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset, this task is going to be done just like you would do with any new speaker and microphone that you get and install in your system. Unlike some other types of gaming headsets, the CoolerMaster Storm Sirus does not come with any device drivers for the headset to perform properly. All you have to do is plug the headset into two empty USB ports in your system and Windows will automatically detect what the device is and ensure that it is ready to be enabled. You may or may not be prompted to restart your system, but once the headset is ready to be used, you can open up the Windows Sound dialog box that is located in the notification area of your traskbar. Due to the fact that the headset does have both microphone and speakers, there are two sections that are going to interest us, the Playback tab and the Recording tab. By selecting the Playback tab, you are able to view the different playback devices that are currently installed and select which one you want to be active, the same is true under the Recording tab.

















Under the Playback tab, you can click the Properties button with the Storm Sirus headset selected and another dialog box will pop up. In this screen, you are able to make adjustments to the audio playback features of the headset. In the General tab, which is the first one that shows under the Properties options, you can change the icon and the name that displays in the system to make it easier to figure out which device is which. Under the Supported Formats, is where you can enable/disable the different Encoded Formats that the playback device can support and test each of them. You are also going to be able to adjust the Sample Rates, however 48.0 KHz is the only supported rate by the Storm Sirus. In the Levels tab, you can adjust the playback volume that goes to the Storm Sirus. Finally under the Advanced tab, you are able to select the sample rate and bit depth that is allowed when the device is in shared mode. When the device is in exclusive mode, you can allow applications to take exclusive control of the device.




Under the Recording tab when you click into the Properties screen, you are going to get a very similar looking dialog box that pops up. Here you can change the icon and name that displays for the microphone portion of the CoolerMaster Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset. Under the Listen tab, you will have the option to enable the listen feature of a microphone which allows you to listen to a portable music player or other device through the microphone jack. Under the levels tab, you are able to adjust the recording volume that the headset sends back to Windows. Finally under the Advanced tab, you are able to choose the settings you want when the device is in either shared or exclusive mode.




Now that the CoolerMaster Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset is configured properly for my system, let's get into the testing to see how well it performs.

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  2. Specifications & Features
  3. Configuration
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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