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CoolerMaster Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset Review

Price: $119.95


Have you been playing your favorite game and keep getting fragged when you least expect it? Maybe you're using speakers that are not giving the noise detail you wish to have or maybe you have an older headset that is only 2.1 channels or less! Well it's time to look at getting into a new headset that is going to give you every advantage that your opponents are using. If you have ever looked into getting a 5.1 channel headset, but have been turned away by needing to have a dedicated sound card in your system and just don't want to fork out the cash for it, or maybe your motherboard just doesn't support 5.1 channels. Then you are in luck, since the CoolerMaster Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset is powered by USB instead of your typical 3.5mm audio jacks. Let's take a closer look and see what CoolerMaster has to offer with it's latest headset.



Closer Look:

The CoolerMaster Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset that I received was not packaged in the retail packaging, so I am unable to take a look at what the actual packaging will look like if you were to purchase one. However the package that they did send the headset in does look like what they will be using for the inner packaging, with a different retail outer shell around it. Once you get the main package opened up, you are going to find a clear molded plastic casing inside that houses the headset, along with all of the cables that are nice and neatly arranged to ensure that they are going to stay in place during the shipping process.  












Once you start to getting the contents out of the clear plastic packaging, you will see everything that comes with the CoolerMaster Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset. Included is obviously the headset itself with the attached cables, the additional 5.1 3.5mm audio jacks, the replacement leather ear pads, and the control module.




When you are looking at the connections that are on the CoolerMaster Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset, you are going to see that the cable attached to the headset itself has a single large 40mm connector that looks very similar to a PS2 connector. This cable is either going to plug into the adapter that allows you to plug the headset right into an audio card, or into the control pod. If you are going to use the 3.5mm cables, then you get a total of four cables and a USB connection. Looking at the control pod you will see three buttons on the front of it, they are the headphone mute, the microphone mute, and the select button. By pressing the select button, you are going to be able to scroll through all five of the different audio settings  (Rear, Front, Master, Center, Bass) that can be adjusted. There is a large knob on the top of the pod, which has a little divot that makes turning it with a single finger quite easy. Flipping it over, you will notice that a majority of the bottom has rubber padding on it that helps in preventing your desk from getting scratched and it does a great job of keeping the module in place.




When you look at the Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 from afar, you are going to see that the entire headset is a nice silverish/gun metal color with black accents all over it. On the band that goes over the top, you find a nice pad that rests on your head, which is not only going to give you support and increase the comfort of the headset, but keep it at an appropriate level on your head as well. The ear pads you find already installed on the headset are a cloth type material that give support all around your ear, which increases comfort and aids in noise cancellation as well.



Looking at the side of the headset where the microphone is located, CoolerMaster has the CM Storm logo printed on it, that will glow in a nice red accent color when the headset is plugged into your computer. CoolerMaster has given the microphone arm a total of about 90° of adjustment from straight forward to straight up (parallel with the headset band). On the opposite side of the headset is another CoolerMaster CM Storm logo printed, that will glow with a red LED when plugged in also.



Now that we have taken a look at the CoolerMaster Storm Sirus 5.1 Gaming Headset, it is time to take a look at the specification and features it has. Then onto the testing. 

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Specifications & Features
  3. Configuration
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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