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Cooler Master N600 Review


Cooler Master N600 Closer Look: Working Components:

I removed both side panels and noticed the nice cut out in the motherboard tray that provides easy access for your CPU cooler installation. I had to add some standoffs for the motherboard installation and this was easy to do since Cooler Master included a handy little installation tool. You use a small Phillips screwdriver with the tool, which has a hex socket to drive the standoffs in securely. Two case fans are included with the N600: one at the rear and one up front. Both are 3-pin 120mm fans. The front fan has white LEDs that can be turned off.

The N600 gives you three nice options for liquid cooling. The first two are fairly standard now on many cases, which are the rear for a 120mm radiator, and the top for up to a 280mm radiator. But now we have a side mount option and I am anxious to see how my Corsair H70 fits. And even if you don't mount a radiator on the side, you can still put a single 120mm fan there and increase your airflow. On the back of the motherboard tray there is a provision to mount a single SSD, although the instructions do not make any note of it.















When the front fascia is removed, you can see the 120mm included fan mounted at the bottom. It has white LEDs that can be turned off from a switch on the front panel. If you want to add a fan above that one, you will need to remove the I/O block (as I have shown), which is secured with three screws. Add your fan, then reattach the I/O block. And speaking of fans, this case model is the KWN1/KWN2 and can handle up to nine fans. Fan locations include: one rear, two on top, two in front, one on the case floor, one on the side (two with a long radiator), and one on the center HDD cage. The KN1/KN2 does not have a side window and can handle ten fans.



At the bottom, the drive cage can handle three 3.5" drives. The center cage can hold another four drives. And the center drive cage can be configured for either 2.5" or 3.5" drives. The uppper tool-free "EZ tray" slots will accept up to three optical drives. The rubber grommets on the back plane are nice and large for easy cable routing.



Here we are focusing on the center drive cage. It has three configurations - remove two screws and move the partition to the outer tabs (left hand side) and you are ready for 3.5" drives as shown, move the partition in to the next (center) mounting tabs for 2.5" drives, or you can completely remove the partition. And you can remove the right hand partition too, which you will see shortly. The partitions have mounting holes for optional 120mm fans.




Here is the mount for the side radiator. It is designed to hold a single 120mm radiator, or a larger 240mm radiator. Any cooling fans would then be attached to the radiator. You can also mount a single 120mm fan without a radiator.


With the center hard drive side partitions and the fan mount removed, you can see the access to mount a radiator. Plus with the center opened up, you can use a video card that is 16.9 inches (430mm) long. The spoiler alert here is that my H70 just wouldn't fit in the side mounting position. The coolant tubes were about an inch too short. I don't have a liquid cooling solution from Cooler Master, but I suspect that Cooler Master has taken the mounting locations into account and its solutions would fit.



The top offers plenty of room for up to a 280mm radiator if you choose, although you will only be able to mount one fan for a 120mm radiator (or two fans if you use a 280mm radiator). There is not enough room for a push / pull configuration unless you mount the radiator on top. There is space to route the cables for your CPU power, which is nice because I prefer to keep them out of sight if possible. There is a filter installed from the factory and it is secured in position with four plastic pins. On the rear at the upper left is the 120mm rear exhaust fan (included) and at the upper right on the back of the case is a switch that will control two case fans (3-pin). It has two speed positions: Low and Hi.



Time for a motherboard test fit. The extended ATX is a half inch wider than a standard ATX, and it fits just fine. Make sure to use an anti-static wrist strap when handling your motherboard, especially in the winter months when the humidity is low. You see the H70 in the rear exhaust location, which of course it fits perfectly. The hardware pack has the usual screws, system speaker, and side mounts for your internal drives.



The hard drive mounting hardware conforms to both 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives. There are screw holes for attaching to the 2.5" drives. Also, there is a left and right hand side, so make sure you check for the R and the L. And there is an arrow showing the proper orientation. Here I have my 2.5" Corsair Force GT SSD ready to go.



Here we have the final assembly. Very clean. Great cable management. Lots of space and a nice clean build.

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