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Cooler Master N400 Review


Cooler Master N400 Conclusion:

The N400 is positioned between the N200 and the N600, and regarding space and features, it fits well. But it seems to be somewhat of an afterthought - the way the motherboard tray is recessed, but not on the N200 and N600, and the PSU filter differences. However, it does give you some nice cooling options that most cases of this size and price point just don't offer. If you like to experiment with adding fans, then you will have some fun with the N400. I like the four USB ports on the front panel, which in my opinion should be a standard. I have seen several large cases that only have two front USB ports and it can be a pain to have to fish around the rear of the case trying to find an open port.

OK, so the cons - a minor one is the PSU filter access. You could mount the PSU with the intake facing up, and I usually blow the dust out of my computers monthly; I don't really have much of a clogged filter problem, so this is really not a major concern. As for not being able to hook up the front panel USB 3.0, well, that is kind of a big deal. Now, keep in mind that this won't be a problem with all motherboards (a micro ATX motherboard with a side mounted USB socket will likely fair better), but it is something to look into and make sure your motherboard will work. Same thing with SATA sockets that are side mounted on the motherboard - sometimes getting your SATA cable plugged in can be really difficult and you don't want to have to take the motherboard half way out to unplug a SATA cable. Despite the cons (I don't want to bash the N400 too much), it is certainly a nice little case that won't break your wallet.

The fit, finish, and build quality are all consistent with Cooler Master's high standards. Pricing is comparable to other cases with similar features and is currently available at NewEgg for $59.99. The N400 gives you affordable space, functionality, room for expansion, a variety of cooling options, and classic Cooler Master styling.



  • Support for up to a 240mm top or 240mm side radiator
  • Up to three places to mount a SSD and eight places to mount a HDD
  • Top and side fan options
  • Up to eight places to mount fans
  • Price



  • 1/2 inch clearance on the bottom - be careful when sitting the case on a carpeted floor
  • Can't hook up front panel USB 3.0
  • PSU filter access is difficult
  • Cable management


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