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CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 Review



I like the idea and implementation of direct contact heatpipe coolers because the idea just works. I have seen it and used it on plenty of Intel Core 2 systems and really was one of the few I was willing to pass on to a family member in need of a better cooler for an overclocked system. Would I do that with the Hyper TX 3? Sure I would, but I would make sure it was lapped for the best contact possible with the CPU because as delivered the chasms between the heatpipes and the block are deep enough to affect the application of the thermal interface material. More TIM than usually applied would help get more coverage on the processor. The thing is though, this cooler is not for the top end enthusiast but for the mainstream. The fact is that when I tested it with a small overclock the Hyper TX 3 dropped load temperatures by 25 degrees Celsius when compared to the stock Intel heatsink. For a 20 dollar heatsink that's a HUGE leap in performance. The Hyper TX 3 is rated to handle processors up to 130 watts TDP. With the Core i5 750 I tested the Hyper TX 3 on, it has a 95 watt TDP at stock speeds. The 92mm fan used on the Hyper TX 3 was as quiet a fan as I have heard. Much along the lines of the Noctua NF-P12 fans. CoolerMaster has included an additional set of fan brackets so you can pick up another fan and run them in a push/pull configuration to seek out even more cooling performance. While 58 degrees Celsius under load when overclocked is warmer than I like, it is still well within the thermal boundaries set by Intel and offers up a significant drop in temperatures for what amounts to a price that is quite appealing. It doesn't hang with the big boys, but that's not the pool it is swimming in either! Clean up the base and you have a quiet, inexpensive performer!


  • Better than stock cooling
  • Low noise
  • Additional fan brackets
  • Multi socket capability
  • Price


  • Poor contact surface


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