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Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Review

Price: $29.99


Finding a good heatsink can be quite a tough job to tackle. There are many factors to consider when deciding what to buy for your CPU. Probably the most important factors to consider are how well the heatsink performs and how big of a hole it eats out of your wallet. Yet another factor to consider is how much headroom you have when overclocking. A good heatsink needs to be able to take the increased heat of an overclocked CPU. Known for its great cases and cooling devices, CoolerMaster delivers yet another fine product, namely the Hyper 212 Plus. Does this heatsink deliver like CoolerMaster's other products? Read on further to find out.

Closer Look:

So you wish to know more about the Hyper 212 Plus. The Hyper 212 Plus comes packaged in a white box with purple in the right hand corner and features the cooler on the front face. The front also bears the name of the cooler as well as its new support for i7, AM3, and LGA1156/1366. On one side of the box is the list of specifications that goes on to mention that it also supports LGA775 and AMD sockets AM2 and 939.












Once out of the box, you'll see the CoolerMaster fan with larger blades. It would appear the fan could move a lot of air from the large blades but it does make a lot of noise because of this design. According to the side packing, the fan delivers a maximum of 76.6CFM at a maximum of 32dBA. Not a bad noise level, at least for me anyway, it's up to you in the end if this bothers you. Upward and onward you will find along with the heatsink is the backplate. Upon further investigation of the packaging and the manual I found it quite interesting how versitile CoolerMaster made the hardware that secures the cooler to the CPU. Unlike most heatsinks, this one only has one retention bracket and one backplate, which is applicable for all of the sockets it supports. This means that after assembly you won't (or shouldn't) if you assembled it properly, have any left over parts to hold on to, with I suppose the exception of the bitthey give you to use to secure the nuts on the backplate.




Now that we have it unpacked, let's take a closer look at what we have.

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  2. Closer Look
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