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Cooler Master COSMOS SE Review


Cooler Master COSMOS SE Conclusion:

This is an amazing case. Solid, well-built, and looks great from any angle. A true case for the enthusiast. It really has the "wow" factor and it is a nice compliment to the larger COSMOS II. To some, a computer case is a necessary evil. A cold, sterile place for your computer hardware. To others it is a statement. A bold line in the sand. And those people spend a lot of time examining each model, each brand - comparing features, options and prices (I am one of those people). Anytime a new model comes out I pour over the details. But it is just a case, right? Well, to me each case has a personality and selecting the right case is an essential part of the build. The COSMOS series has five models, each with a feature set and price point aimed at a specific group. The SE brings a lot to the table, and looks great doing it. It has space, expandability, and support for large top and front radiators. For the enthusiast or even the casual builder who is looking for a case with a lot of bang for the buck, the COSMOS SE hits that sweet spot of total functionality and style that won't disappoint.

As for the cons - there certainly aren't any show stoppers, but I think the reset button needs to be by itself. I haven't done it (yet) on this case, but on other cases that have the reset button located next to a fan or LED switch, I somehow manage to give myself a nice "surpirse" reboot. It only takes a time or two of doing that and you know darn well where the reset button is. And the optical drive bays not being tool-free - well, once they are installed you don't really fool with taking them in and out, so if it takes an extra minute during the build to install a couple of screws, is that a con? No, not really.

Pricing is comparable to other cases with similar features and the vented side version (COS-5000-KKN1) is available at Newegg on October 10, 2013, for $169.99 + shipping. The windowed version (COS-5000-KWN1), which is our review case, will likely cost a little more. Cooler Master has hit the ball out of the park with the COSMOS SE. A great looking, high quality case with a ton of features.




  • Handles!
  • Attractive design
  • Up to 18 places for mounting SSDs and eight to mount a HDD
  • Options for large front and top radiators
  • Great clearance underneath for air flow
  • Easy filter cleaning
  • Great cable management
  • Superior fit and finish
  • Price



  • Reset button too close to the fan LED button


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