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Cooler Master COSMOS SE Review


Coolermaster COSMOS SE Closer Look:

This case weighs 10.8 kg / 23.8 lbs empty, so when I pulled it out of the box, it fought back a little. But the handles make all the difference. And fully loaded, you are over 30 lbs. So for me, handles are a must have. In fact, I think there should be a law that all cases over 20 lbs. must have handles. The COSMOS SE is a bit smaller and lighter than the COSMOS II and doesn't have all the goodies that the COSMOS II has, but the SE lists for about a hundred dollars less.

The case measures 263.8 x 569.4 x 524.4 mm / 10.4 x 22.4 x 20.6 inch. The entire front face is inset about a half inch and the front fascia is a removable plastic frame with a metal mesh insert for air flow. There is a fine mesh filter incorporated behind the front mesh and since the entire panel is easy to remove, cleaning is easy. Up front we have the familiar Cooler Master logo. Behind the front fascia are two 120mm fans (included) with blue LEDs. The three optical drive covers are easily removed from the front with just one finger.

Looking at the rear (starting from the bottom) we have the power supply bay - and it actually has a removable metal frame that attaches to your PSU and then screws to the case chassis. This mounting causes the PSU to stick out about a half inch and allows for a longer power supply.  Above and to the left are the seven expansion slots. Above and to the right there is a double wide vertical expansion slot with a removable cover. These are often used as space saving places to mount fan controllers, or a USB expansion card that doesn't plug into the motherboard. Continuing up we have two 1" and one 1/2" rubber grommeted holes for external liquid cooling. Above the holes is the 120mm (included) rear exhaust fan. To the left is the opening for the rear I/O and at the very top is a small horizontal vent that runs the width of the chassis. The top cover is held on with one center screw just above the vent.  











Just look at those handles. I can't count the times I have nearly had a case slip out of my hands. Not anymore with the COSMOS SE. Small cases aren't so bad, but larger cases certainly benefit from handles. And Cooler Master did a super job at incorporating them into the design on the COSMOS series. They don't look out of place or bulky.

The top has a nice cover similar in construction to the front fascia and we will see what is underneath a little later. I really like the sculpted curves that transition from the front to the top of the case. There is a mesh filter attached from the inside. Looking at the bottom we have the filter for the PSU and a second identical filter at the opposite end. Both are easily removed for quick cleaning.


The sides of the case are easy to remove and I really like that. I am in and out of my computers all the time, and some cases have sides that just don't want to line up, which is very frustrating. I noticed early on how well the sides fit on the COSMOS SE. The clear side window lets you show off your hardware. The window side is flat, and the opposite side has a decent bump out that has three horizontal and one vertical indentation. It looks like there is plenty of space for cable management. Both side panels use removable thumb screws for retention. There are two models, one with a mesh side panel (COS-5000-KKN1), and one with a clear window (COS-5000-KWN1). Today we have the COS-5000-KWN1.



Here is a close up of the front I/O. From left to right you have two USB 2.0 ports, a microphone jack, a headphone jack, and then two USB 3.0 ports. The power switch is to the upper left, and on the upper right there is the fan LED control switch and the reset button. The fan LED switch only controls the fan LEDs. There are two clear trim sections next to the buttons that glow with blue LEDs and they are on when your system is powered up. The HDD activity light is a narrow bar across the front just below the I/O (not shown) and we will see it all lit up later. I love the USB ports that don't have your flash drives sticking straight out where they can be bent or damaged by someone walking by. However, I would like to see the reset button by itself. It is easy to reach over in the dark to turn the fan LEDs on or off and accidentally give yourself a nice unexpected reboot.



The filter on the bottom is for the PSU intake. It easily slides in and out for quick cleaning. You don't have to tip the case up for filter access and this is certainly welcome on a larger case like the COSMOS SE. There is roughly 1.5" of clearance under the case, so there is plenty of room for fresh air to be drawn in. And there is also a second filter that pulls out from the front of the case.

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