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Cooler Master COSMOS SE Review

Price: $230

Cooler Master COSMOS SE Introduction:

Cooler Master has been around since 1992 and are known for a wide variety of products such as power supplies, fans, CPU coolers, and gaming peripherals - but Cooler Master is certainly known for its wide range of cases. From the HAF and COSMOS series monster cases down to the LAN box, Cooler Master has a case for your needs. Recently I reviewed the N200 and the N600, and both are really nice cases packed with features. But today we have one of the big boys on the block, the all new, full tower COSMOS SE. I always enjoy reviewing cases, especially when it is a new release.

At the top of Cooler Master's case spectrum is the COSMOS series. These are precision engineered cases that are for the serious enthusiast. The materials, workmanship, and feature lists are amazing, and they typically command top dollar.

Cooler Master COSMOS SE Closer Look:

First, let's look at the box. Up front we have a nice graphic of the case and a little offset picture that shows that this case has the clear side window. And on the rear there are three illustrations that show the internal features of the COSMOS SE with a set of detailed feature descriptions in eight languages in the charts below the images. On one end we have a nice 3/4 view profile picture and  the other end show a full list of specifications. One thing you will notice is the support for a front radiator up to 360mm and a top radiator up to 280mm. And up to eight HDDs or 18 (yes 18!) SSDs. I am not sure who would be using 18 SSDs, but if it is you, now you have a place for them!











The top is rather simple. Just the Cooler Master logo and the model - and of course, the usual shipping labels. Looking inside, the SE is begging to be unpacked. This is when I have to take a deep, calming breath so I don't destroy the Styrofoam end caps as I anxiously remove the case from the box. Maybe this time I will carefully tip the box over (open end down) and lift the box off. Hmmm...



The standard heavy Styrofoam end caps keep everything in pristine condition. A plastic bag does its job and protects the case  from the wear induced by the Styrofoam on the journey to your door. Remove the main packing and there is generous use of clear plastic film to cover the front trim and side window. The box was a little banged up in shipping, but so far everything seems well protected.


  1. Cooler Master COSMOS SE Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Cooler Master COSMOS SE Closer Look: The Case
  3. Cooler Master COSMOS SE Closer Look: Working Components
  4. Cooler Master COSMOS SE Specifications & Features
  5. Cooler Master COSMOS SE Testing: Setup & Results
  6. Cooler Master COSMOS SE Conclusion
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