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Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Review



As you may have been able to tell throughout the review, I found this to be an extremely impressive case. As a matter of fact it's the the best production case I have ever had my hands on, and I have been through a lot of them. Installation went smooth as silk. Machining is spot on and there is plenty of room to work with even loading the Cosmos up with an E-ATX motherboard, quad GPU's, and three power supplies. I am looking forward to going watercooled with dual radiators and pumps. At the beginning of the review I said that you can usually tell on most cases when they ran out of price point features and had to start cutting corners on things be it materials or the execution of features. What I like so very much about this case besides how wonderfully it functions is that they decided what they wanted this enclosure to be, and then crafted all of the aspects of it. The feel, fit, and finish of this case is phenomenal. It will not be everything to everyone, but if it has the features you are looking for you will be hard pressed to find a case that is of higher quality.

If i might take the subjectivity of looks on myself for a moment, this thing is drop dead gorgeous!  While it does not sit in the corner and demand your attention...it certainly does command it. Cooler Master has said that the Cosmos II is "Supercar inspired"  I am not sure which one they used for inspiration, but I am going to guess it was the Mercedes SLR. It seems that the word "elegant" has been hijacked in recent years to mean square aluminum box. The Cosmos II does elegant in a different way. It has a lot of style, but not in a screaming "look at me" fashion. I noted that the signature Cosmos handles are reminiscent of studio grade rack audio equipment as soon as I got it out of the box. I think the best description for the Cosmos is elegant and professional. As Nigel Tufnel said: "this one goes to eleven"



  • Room for just about any build
  • Dual Radiator capability
  • Extremely quiet
  • Cooling capacity
  • Fit,feel,finish
  • Wire management options
  • Every opening filtered
  • 10+1 design
  • Dock-x bays
  • Built in fan controller
  • Cooling Chamber design
  • Asthetics



  • Reset button too close to fan controller


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  7. Testing and Results
  8. Conclusion
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