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Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Review


Closer Look:

The entire Cosmos II case is filtered with high quality effective , and removable filters. Cooler Master has made them very easy to service. As you can see, all filters are easily removed for a quick blast of air, or to be sprayed out in the sink occasionally. The filters for the side doors are one piece and removed with three screws.













The Cosmos II is equipped to facilitate dual radiator watercooled systems as well. The top of the unit accommodates up to a 360mm radiator.



For those that require more cooling capacity, Coolermaster had added this into the design with the ability to add a second radiator into the area that houses the lower hard drive cages. This requires the removal of the lower set of HDD cages. I did not have a 240mm radiator laying around my shop, so with the use of Photoshop I illustrated how this would work.




The fan assembly is removed by tilting it out and setting it aside. The bottom two sets of three HDD cages are removed via thumb screws and slide out. This creates a mounting for the optional 240mm radiator and the fan assembly is replaced. I did a bit of measuring and it appears that a pair of 3" pumps will fit side by side between the 240mm radiator and the PSU. leaving a nice amount of room for internal reservoirs.


If the option of a radiator is not used in the place of the lower HDD cages, the dual fan cage makes an excellent choice to keep those 15,000 RPM Cheetah hard drives cool.

Test system Installed:

This may have been about the smoothest and easy going time I have ever had installing a large multi GPU and complex system into a case. This is the part of enclosures that I prefer a bit of mundane actually. With plenty of room to work with and the liberal use of large thumb screws and tooless fasteners, everything went off without incident or angst. The full 1" of room behind the motherboard, and 1-1/2" behind the HDD cages for power and data cables are always a joy to have at your disposal. I now wish I had timed the installation as it seemed to go much faster than any of the other cases I have had this configuration in. I realize this is usually the angst ridden, verge of profanity, portion of the review...sorry folks, nothing to report here but an accomplished smile.


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  2. Closer Look (The Case)
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