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Cooler Master V6GT Review



To say the least, the Cooler Master V6GT is a fantastic heatsink. It outperformed all of the other comparison heatsinks in every test but one, and pulled even further ahead in the load tests. The large size of the V6GT is made up for by its heat capacity and these tests show it. I am pleased with the engineering and research that Cooler Master put into the V6GT, and there is no doubt that this heatsink falls short to little or none.

The looks of the V6GT are very appealing and can add a very nice touch to any case that it can fit in. Though it is large, it did not impede access to any crucial area of the motherboard. Even if it was in the way of something, the fans snap off easily enough to relieve some hassle to access something under the heatsink. This heatsink offers a few things that I have never seen before. First, the layout of the heatpipes is in a "V" fashion which helps increase airflow around each heatpipe. The other is the slight tilt on the fins that is said to provide a larger surface that the air passes over. Realistically, I can't think that the increase in surface area on a 5-degree tilt would be more than a negligible amount. However, judging by the performance of the V6GT, it certainly didn't hurt.

As I mentioned a few pages back, I was interested to see how well the cooler performs passively. Passively, this cooler doesn't perform much better than the stock Intel heatsink does. If someone is crazy enough about having a completely silent computer with the latest and hottest hardware, a passive V6GT would not be the wisest choice looking at the price to performance ratio. It would be more worth it to buy a water cooling kit for a small amount more than the cost of the V6GT if silence is what someone is looking for.

In conclusion, the Cooler Master V6GT has to be by far one of the best coolers currently on the market and is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a serious air cooling solution. I strongly applaud Cooler Master's expertise in the manufacturing and production of the V6GT and would not hesitate to recommend it as a high end air cooling solution without jumping into the price range of water cooling.



  • Ultra high performance
  • Appealing enthusiast style looks
  • Many unique improvements to airflow and heat transfer



  • Cost
  • Large and may get in the way of memory for some motherboards
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