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Cooler Master NovaTouch TKL Keyboard Review


Cooler Master NovaTouch TKL Keyboard Conclusion:

Alright, here we are at the end of the review, and I've avoided it long enough: the price. So what is it going to cost to have the NovaTouch TKL on your desk? Well, if you didn't see it on the first page and die already, well it is up there. It will cost you a pretty $199.99 MSRP to have it. Why so much when you can almost buy two CM Storm Triggers for the same price? Well a lot has to do with the cost of the switch. If you didn't watch the video of the switch on the first page, go back and take a look. It's quite a bit different than your Cherry MX switch. You can almost see the cost adding up with the little spring for each key and the work of putting it together.

This cost is likely what prevented it from taking off in 1985, but hopefully won't keep it from growing almost 30 years later. Along with mechanical keyboards, the higher the demand, the more that can be produced and the cheaper it can be produced for; so we're likely to see price drops as to when/if this capacitive switch catches on.

With the grumbles of the price out of the way we can reflect back on the keyboard itself. Where else did it fall short? Well, while you can argue it doesn't have a number pad, it was never meant to have one. The name itself said it wasn't going to have one, so there really isn't anything grumble worthy there. The only other argument against it would be some of you might find its plain-ness a bit too boring. Some of you want glowing bright things, with tons of macros and media keys. While this has FN media keys, you won't have backlighting or macros to please you. This just won't do it for you.

However, the catch on this keyboard isn't the design, the layout, or even the color. The big catch ends up being the price, which is where a lot of you are going to be crying. It's a pull to the market for something "new" and it's going to take some time and demand to get the price to come down. Mechanicals came to the market at a high cost and are slowly now making their way down; we can hope to see the same to occur for the capacitive switch. Only time will tell.



  • Zombie killing build – well built
  • Awesome key response with a quiet touch (using the O-rings)
  • Smaller form factor: TKL
  • Fancy pants switches – step up from the Cherry MX switches
  • New feel = great feel



  • PRICE! This one is a killer on the wallet
  • TKL – loss of your numbered friends
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