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Coolermaster Musketeer Mult-Function Panel Review


Installation of this device is very simple as it mounts the same way as a standard optical drive, with 2-4 screws per side. My case makes the utilization of quick release drive bays. I mounted the sliders, onto the device with two of the supplied screws per side. Plugged all the cables into the device, and slid it into the case until it locked into place.

Next step that I took was to install the backing plate, this mounted into an empty PCI expansion slot, as well as there is an internal 3.5mm mini jack plug. The internal plug plugs into the back of the Musketeer and acts as a signal transmitter for the VU meter.

I placed the temperature sensor up near the top of my case so that I could monitor the absolute highest temperature that was likely to be present inside.

I used the Molex adaptor for the fan controller aspect of this device; I plugged my front 120mm intake fan into it, so that I would be able to adjust the sound/CFM ratio of this fan.

Voltage (left) dial display DC 0 to 12V
VU (middle) dial display -20 to +3db
Temperature (right) dial display 10-90 Celsius/50-180 Fahrenheit
Voltage Adjustment DC 6 to approx. 11v (IC controlled)
Sound Pressure -20 to +3dB (depends on input from soundcard)

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation & Specifications
  3. Testing & Conclusion
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