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Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse Review


Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse Conclusion:

In the end the CM Mizar is still ruling the roost of my desktop. My past favorite has taken a backseat for a bit to allow the new top dog to settle in. Although with my small hands I tend to prefer mice a little smaller than this one, I'm very happy with the fit and most happy with the feel of the mouse itself. The flat paint has a nice dry texture that remains dry even with long hours of use. The LED in the palm stays relatively cool with the pulsing mode keeping things from getting warm back there. I have found even with LEDs, in some mice, having a glowing logo can be pretty warm.

The rubber grips on the side of the mouse are great for grip. They can get a little tacky with sweat but they don’t become slippery; you still have full control of the mouse at the end of the long final boss fight. The mouse isn't adjustable weight wise, beyond your own modifications, but it seems to be the right balance of light and heavy despite my first judgment out of the box. This truly is a great mouse for gaming, as it claims, and makes out quite nice because of that in all other activities.

As for the looks of the mouse, the subtlety of the black and its ability to be a bit stealthy is quite nice. You can add a bit of flare without being overly flashy, as the white LEDs up front (on the scroll and arrows) keep it kind of classy. The storm logo beneath your palm is mostly hidden when playing, but can look quite nice sitting on your desk when you walk away. Even though it's not full RGB, it's nice to have a bit of color on your desk, especially if none of your other peripherals have any glow-factor. It is fun without screaming "look at me."

The price is about on par with the market, so though it seems a little expensive, it is only competitive with the market values.



  • Rather comfortable, nice fit
  • Simple, plain, sleek, and has a little glow for customization
  • Quiet scroll wheel



  • Software: Macros are hard to set the right delay times


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