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Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse Review


Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse Software:

Software from CM Storm products is usually pretty straightforward and generally just works as you'd expect. The software for the CM Mizar is no different. It has a simple layout with six tabs/screens that make it quick and easy to change what you want. The first screen, tabbed as MAIN, has an image of the mouse itself with numbers on the button locations. The corresponding button function is then listed to the right with the matching number. A drop down menu appears to choose the desired function of the button and life carries on.



The next tab, ADVANCED, lets you change the DPI settings (up to four different ones per profile – also note the four profiles at bottom of the screen). Set them as you like, defaults are shown as 800, 1600, 3200, and 8200 DPI. Below those settings are the OS Sensitivity settings from your OS (so you don’t' have to go open up and change things there). The LED Mode options are here as well. You have your seven color options: red, white, yellow, green, blue, cyan, and magenta. You can decide if you want this light to be always on, always off, breathing, or to follow the rapid fire technique that lights up more with the more you click. Pretty standard options. I chose the blue (go figure) with the breathing effect.

The breathing looks nice, but if you watch it closely (though you only will because I said something) you'll notice the LED flickering a bit on the slow dim, close to being off. This is common of LEDs so not really surprising. Doesn't bother me even in a dark room, so I almost didn't feel a need to mention it, but felt it completed things. When you hit apply to try the different colors and effects you will get a little popup window "Programming Mouse Memory…" to let you know it is doing something. You'll lose your mouse for a second, but it doesn't take nearly as long as some do.



The MACROS tab allows you to setup macros. Big surprise! You can save them on yours system so that you can share them computer to computer or with friends without having to store a few on the mouse to carry them over. It is pretty straight forward to create a macro using the record function, press buttons on your mouse or keyboard and hit stop. The software doesn't seem to allow you to change the delay time between action, so you'll have to be good about typing the way you want to it to actually occur. You can manually go to where you have saved your .mac files (default is under My Documents in Windows) and make some modifications there. It's a bit trickier and it'll take some figuring out to get just right, but I guess technically if you had to you could.


The next tab is the PROFILES tab where you can create/store various profiles. You might have a particular setup for a specific game or perhaps multiple users who have different tastes. The mouse can hold up to four at a time on the onboard memory, but you can store multiple on your computer to trade in and out as needed. The LIBRARY tab is where you can select what is onboard the mouse and what is currently not.



The final tab is the SUPPORT tab. It includes links to the online support (the cm website) as well as a quick version information button. The version button is nice so if you do have to troubleshoot problems it is very clear if you are running the newest software or firmware versions available as well as provide it to support to help resolve problems.


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