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Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse Review

Price: $59.99

Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse Introduction:

Morning, afternoon, or good evening to wherever you are reading this from. It has been awhile since we've looked at any specific Cooler Master mice here on OCC. We have been covering a lot of the CM CPU coolers, the most recent being the CM Master Hyper D92, as well as coverage on the most recent bang on the market, the CM NovaTouch TKL (which I am still rocking). The last CM mouse we really looked at was back in 2013 with the CM Havoc and QuickFire XT Keyboard roundup. I won't go back to 2012 when we looked at the CM Sentinel Advance II, as that's not something I want to talk about. But what has CM been up to in the gaming mouse world? Well looking at what they have on the market today, we have hit a few of their prime contenders: the CM Sentinel and Z3RO-G, the CM Havoc and the CM Recon. Those all have come through my writings, good or bad. So what is next?

Today, ready to face my scrutiny, is the CM Mizar. Funny enough CM is rather clever with this naming. If you look up Mizar in the Webster dictionary you will find (shortened): "group of stars of the second magnitude that is located near Alcor in the handle of the Big Dipper." Ironically enough, though I did not have my paws on one, the last CM Mouse release was the Alcor. Props to CM for having a bit of class in making such connections between releases; I find it fun.

But FOCUS, is what you are screaming at your monitor or phone. You are tired of my ramblings and want to know more about this CM Mizar. The Mizar is a seven button, fully programmable mouse. It has on-the-fly DPI adjustment just like you requested, as well as seven color options for the CM logo beneath your palm. The sides are built up with reinforced rubber pads and the body is nice and light with a soft touch flat black paint. You have DPI settings out the ears with a maximum of 8200DPI with four built-in profiles up for changing. The CM Mizar also throws at you the Avago ADNS 9800 Laser sensor you may recall from my UtechSmart round up review, though I wouldn't go as far as to compare those mice directly; the price categories between the two are quite different.

It ultimately has a lot of features to offer upfront, and from the looks have a very favorable appearance to one mouse that hasn't taken a rest from my desk in some time, the Roccat Kone Pure Optical. The CM Mizar has quite the attraction to not only meet up to all its claims but, to complete brand matching on my desk as the NovaTouch won't be leaving anytime soon. Though brand matching is silly – I'm excited for some new deskspace competition. Let us move on and check out the CM Mizar gaming mouse!


Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse Look:

Starting off with the typical box shots the Mizar follows the same CM Storm status quo with its packaging. It is vibrant with real pictures/rendering of the mouse on a black background with red out-of-earth-like swirls. The box is decked out with CM Storm logos and appropriate white font to for easy readability. The front begs you to remember two things along with an image of the mouse: 1) MIZAR, and 2) 8200 DPI. The back of the box goes into more detail with specific features of the mouse pointed out; my favorites being the color changing personalization, and the high impact encoder wheel for precise scrolling. The features are listed in nine additional languages besides the given English for global marketing acceptance, though I'm quite curious to know if they actually have different boxes all together for international sales. The sides of the box are less exciting and more included for completeness. One side provides you with contact information while the other rattles off a simple phrase: "Gaming mouse --- Mizar, For more information, please visit our website: …" in 22 different languages.




The CM Mizar box does have a front Velcro door. These tend to be my favorite if I'm actually purchasing a mouse in store. With the clam shell packaging around the mouse you can actually reach in and get a generic feel for what the mouse shape is. Though it doesn't give you the best idea, it provides you something when a display model isn't available. The back of the door has an image of the mouse as well as some additional specs (included in the specs and features page) on the mouse. Inside the box is the mouse itself as well as a quick start pamphlet that most of you will toss to the side. First glance is looking pretty good for the Mizar.


  1. Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse: Closer Look
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  4. Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse: Specifications & Features
  5. Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse: Testing & Results
  6. Cooler Master Mizar Gaming Mouse: Conclusion
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