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Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Gaming Headset Review


CM MasterPulse Pro Gaming Headset Conclusion:

So it's the end of the line – no more pages to ramble on about the CM MasterPulse Pro gaming headset. It's time to get down to it – are they worth it? Well, in all honesty I'm a little mixed. The biggest issue, which I ranted about in the testing section, is the OMGA LOUD. All the way down and the settings actually controlling Windows volume leave me with nothing to bring down the louds on the headset. At the lowest level of 1/100, they are too loud to sit back and comfortably listen to music very long term. I hate this. Yes, yes, the easy "fix" is to turn down your program/application volume – but then they are all mucked the next time you go to use said program/app with your speakers. D'oh! It's a bit aggravating. It's the thing that annoyed me most about the headset in general. If you are almost deaf? You can crank them to 11.

At 100% volume they're almost unbearably loud, but they are unbearably loud while being extremely clear without any muddiness at all!  They're basically little speakers when cranked up. This drawback for music doesn't necessarily translate over to games and movies with a bit more dynamic content - there, the additional volume is a bit of a blessing as it lets you hear the details in quiet passages while still enjoying the dynamics of loud effects. It would still be nice to have a lot more fine-grained control on the output, however, as even for games and movies the minimum output level is a bit too hot.

I'm also not a major fan of virtual sound "features." So the virtual 7.1 wasn't much of a thing for me, but it did add a little value to gaming that I didn't expect. Was nice to even have the faked directional enemy – obviously only working best where games support surround, but getting it from a stereo setup is kinda neat. The "listening modes" were a nice way to quickly flick the equalizer to a better balance for what I was doing. I'm quite picky when it comes to music and was decently pleased with the music option and the side panels off. While I generally have a higher liking for MOAR BASS than most, I did enjoy the set most without the side panels on (no surprise). Although for others, I'm sure there can be an equal appreciation for being able to tone it down.

Many will argue not having the boom for a mic makes it horrible and just wrong, but I disagree. I think the "hidden" mic was quite nice. I personally don't like a mic I can't detach because I often like to use my headset on the go while traveling (one expensive buy rather than two for the same function). I also hate the fact that a detachable set means I can thus lose my mic, too. The pin hole option, while not the BEST quality of audio for the other end, is a nice solution for me. Another bonus to this style? You can't breathe into it, so nobody yells at you for being "that one" making chat annoying.

So the final verdict? The CM MasterPulse Pros are almost a gold medal winner. The pain of volume control is quite the thorn in the side for loud content. I do believe it is something CM will hack a fix out for, but as they currently sit they are just too loud. The inline controls provide some neat features to play with and the lightweight build structure makes them easy to wear long hours at a time for grueling grinds in the middle of the night. I've also never written a headset review where I didn't say "there just isn't enough bass." The MasterPulse Pro has the bass and I couldn't be happier.



  • Great build quality that is both light and comfortable on my head
  • Little mic that isn't a bother for getting lost or "looking funny" on the go
  • It's got the lows – bass is actually happening
  • Quick access to quick equalizer modes for music, gaming, and movies
  • Pin hole mic is great for on-the-go with less bulk and no loss
  • Did I mention things were a little loud?


  • LOUD – the lowest setting is too loud and you rely on program/application volume settings to turn down for what
  • Did I mention things were a little loud?
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  5. CM MasterPulse Pro Gaming Headset: Conclusion
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