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Cooler Master Inferno Review



When it comes down to it, the Cooler Master says they built the Inferno specifically for MMORPG and FPS gamers specific needs and that it was. Not only is the mouse very customizable when it comes to the buttons, it just feels right in your hand. It was able to provide me with a nice ergonomic design that supported my hand while I was holding on to the mouse in a very natural and relaxed position. The button placement on the mouse is just about perfect. Every single button is in perfect reach for you to easily press when needed, the only two buttons that I had a little bit harder time to get to were the two Rapid Fire Tactical keys. Like I said earlier, they were just a little too far out of reach for my fingers to reach quickly. However I'm sure that once I get more used to the mouse, it will feel natural and will prove to be an easy task to click those buttons. 

The weight of the mouse is another aspect that I am very picky about with my mice for gaming and the Inferno is once again just about perfect. The mouse is not so heavy that it is going to make your wrist begin to hurt after a long game, but it isn't too light that there is no resistance when you are moving it around your mouse pad. Most of the mouse has a rubber coating on it which gives your hand a nice surface to grip on and will give you the peace of mind that it shouldn't slip out of your hand while you are in the middle of a long gaming session. 

The Inferno drivers software is very easy to use once you step back and take a glance at it. When you first open up the application, there are a ton of options on the first screen that comes up, which can be a little overwhelming. There is a macro and script editor included with the Inferno application, which allows you to write a sequence of mouse clicks and keyboard strokes into a command that you can then program to any key on the mouse that you wish. This is going to be very helpful for some games where you are repeating a bunch of key strokes.

The Inferno is capable of reaching 4000 DPI, which is always nice to have a high DPI setting when you have a larger screen resolution so you can quickly move your mouse from Point A to Point B. Overall, the Cooler Master Inferno is most certainly going to be the new mouse that I use on my personal gaming setup from now on. I would suggest this mouse to anyone who is looking for a new gaming mouse and could benefit from the features that the Inferno offers.



  • Ergonomic Design
  • Multiple Profiles
  • Software Customization
  • Weight
  • High DPI Resolution
  • Rubber Buttons




  • None
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