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Cooler Master Inferno Review



To properly test the Cooler Master Inferno, I will be testing it on four different aspects: speed, comfort, precision, and customization. To test the speed of the mouse, I will rate how fast the cursor is able to move across the screen. To test the comfort of the mouse, I will rate how comfortable it is to handle. The precision of the mouse will be rated by in-game sniping ability rated by the number of head-shots. For the last rating, I will be rating how well you are able to customize the mouse to fit your needs. The Orochi mouse will be tested as a wired mouse.

Testing Setup:


Comparison Mice:


First up is the speed test, which will be rated on a scale from 1-10. I will be moving the mouse from the top left corner of the screen to the lower right corner. A 10 rating would represent lightning fast, while a 1 would be equal to a snail moving across your screen.





The comfort test is going to be rated by how comfortable and natural the feel of the mouse is to the hand, using a 1-10 point scale, where a 10 represents your hand is in heaven, while a 1 is equal to extreme discomfort.



In the precision test, I will be gaming using Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and using the Barrett .50cal. I will rate the accuracy on a 1-10 scale, where 1 would represent no headshots and a 10 would mean all headshots.



Lastly, we have customization. To grade each mouse on this test, I will see exactly how well you are able to change the buttons of the mouse, as well as how easily it is to adjust the DPI resolution levels on the fly while you are in a game. A 10 would mean you can easily change your DPI settings in the game and have full control over changing the buttons using the software. The Microsoft Intelimouse received a 1 score in this benchmark due to the fact that there is no ability to customize the mouse outside of the standard customizations Windows allows (double-click speed, pointer speed, wheel speed, etc.).


The Cooler Master Inferno got a 9 in the speed test because it was able to move across the screen pretty quickly, it came in at 4000 DPI, which is quite impressive even thought there are quicker mice out there, there is not that much need for extremely high DPI settings. The comfort test is where the Inferno shinned, this mouse was able to fit into my hand perfectly and just felt right. The rubber on the sides and top of the mouse allowed for enough grip to make me feel safe holding onto the mouse and that it is not going to slip out of my hand when it starts to sweat during an intense match. The button placements on the mouse were also just perfect for my hand and the way that I hold the mouse. The only thing that I have to say about the button placement is that I would have liked to see the rapid fire buttons a little closer to the center to be able to click them easier without having to move my fingers too far, but honestly, I don't know how much I will be using the rapid fire buttons.

When it came down to the precision test, the Inferno was able to score a solid 9, because the mouse felt comfortable in my hand and I was able to press the buttons quickly and without moving my fingers very far, I was able to respond to the game much quicker which gives me a much better advantage that I did not have with another mouse. When it comes down to the customization of the mouse, I had to only give it a 9/10. Using the software, you were able to customize every single button on the mouse as well as giving you the options to have multiple profiles stored on the mouse for quick switching and not needing the software installed on the machine you are going to be using the mouse on.

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