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Cooler Master HAF Stacker Case Review

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Cooler Master HAF Stacker:

Normally a chassis does not require a page dedicated to all its extra features, but this time I felt it was necessary. The HAF Stacker's major selling point is the assortment of water cooling and fan support. First let's start with the basics, which are the removable hard drive cages. Removing the top cage was bit of work. Each bay has four screws on front and at least two on the side. Once all the screws are removed, just push down on the plastic latch and pull to remove. These cages can only be installed one way, which is a bit of a let down. The bottom cage requires you to move four screws from under the chassis. This isn't something you want to do often, as flipping the chassis over on its side can be cumbersome with its height.













Installing a 360mm radiator wasn't that bad, in fact this is the only chassis I've used that can support a thick 360mm and have room to spare for a push/pull configuration.


After searching for the water cooling parts for the Fractal Design review, I decided to go a bit further but ran out of time. Ultimately I wanted to install some loops to give a better idea of a fully installed system. Even so, you can see potential ways to set up your own water cooling with the pump sitting on top of the bottom hard drive cage or inside a 5.25" bay. I did, however, find the height of the cages to be a problem, as it was a bit too high to properly install the pump. If your heart is set one this, then you must give up both hard drive cages or have a reservoir / pump combo.

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