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Cooler Master HAF 912 Review



As I stated in my thoughts on the last page, the addition of two or three more fans to the HAF 912 would certainly improve the case's performance. This case definitely has potential for being a solid performer, it just lacks airflow out of the box from Cooler Master. A side intake fan would help out the GPU and chipset temperatures, while one or two top exhausts would help with the CPU temperature. All of these combined would drop the overall temperature of the case, and therefore drop the hard drive temperature. So the bottom line with the HAF 912 is for solid performance, adding a few extra fans is almost 100% necessary.

As far as quality of the case and features, the case is very well built and put together. The HAF 912 is sturdy, has a good paint job, and is clean on the inside and outside. It features a toolless 5.25" bay, a removable hard drive cage, an extra expansion slot for non slot-interface devices, a platform on the top for personal belongings, water cooling outlets, and room for a 2x120mm radiator to be mounted on the outside. Cooler Master definitely put a lot of thought into the HAF 912 though I wish they threw at least a top exhaust fan in along with the case as that one fan would noticeably improve performance of the case. Overall, I like the case, the price is right for entry level buyers, the CPU retention bracket access hole actually works for this motherboard, and has the potential to be a solid performer if enough fans are used. The included fans are very quiet and operate at low RPM, which is a good and a bad thing. The good side is that it is very quiet, almost silent, but the bad thing is that quiet 120mm fans mean low RPM, which move little air.



  • Affordable
  • Attractive HAF styling
  • Water cooling outlets, fits 2x120mm radiator
  • CPU retention bracket access hole
  • Silent in operation (only two 17dBA low RPM fans)



  • Only includes two fans
  • Poor cooling with packaged fan configuration
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