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Cooler Master Centurion 5 II Review

Price: $50


The computer case's choice is a major concern when building a computer. The one you choose can be based on many factors including price, features, and looks. A case is a necessary component in any build as it provides a shelter for your Motherboard, CPU, and GPU in addition to many other I/O devices. Not only is it a shelter, it also provides a means to keep heat producing components cool. Cooler Master has been a long time manufacturer of many fine cases such as the Centurion and HAF. Today we will look at the Centurion 5 II. It comes in a few varieties, but this one in particular features a red and black design. That's right; it's red on the inside and black on the outside, which will be the first time that I've seen this done on a case. The case also features two red LED fans in the front and rear and offers the ability to expand to add on two more fans. So just what else does this case have to offer? Well, you won't know if you don't continue reading.


Closer Look:

Just one look at the front of the box and we already have a glimpse of what is inside. The Centurion 5 II comes in a few colors: black on black or black with silver accents. The sticker on the front of this box reads red and black attack - a prelude to what is coming - red interior!  Most cases, even if they are painted on the inside are usually only black.   This is very different in a very good way. On the right side of the box we are given some specifics for the particular case we have which is the black on black case. The back of the box gives further description of some of the features this case has, such as 2.5" drive support. Finally, on the left side of the box, we have a specifications table.














Once opened, we are face to face with the case, which is sandwiched between two pieces of Styrofoam and wrapped in a plastic bag for protection during shipment.




Just from first impressions, this case seems to have the looks down and it is absolutely unique.  Let's get a better look at it!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (The Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing: Setup and Results
  6. Conclusion
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